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Top 2nd Job Skill Builds (From Korea)

Hi guys. I saw a thread today on the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest forum. It was about an event that had Korean players voting the best skill build for each classes. I will be posting the most voted skill build for each class. As you can see, they are the top voted ones so they may not be a 100% good build. Please do not follow these builds blindly, and determine the skills that most fit your style of gameplay. You can also pretty much see that, some of the builds have sacrificed being a Hybrid build to Read the rest of this entry

Let’s talk about the 8 different classes! (Part 2)


Bowmasters have both Physical and Magic attack skills. Physical skills have longer cooldown, while Magic skills have shorter ones. Again, usually all players will add both type of skills to allow more skill spammability. The Physical Lv40 skills is a series of numerous shots at one go, while the other a huge winged arrow that explodes within a huge area.

Magic Bowmaster solo Apocalypse


Acrobats, unlike Bowmasters, have only Physical skills. All Acrobats basically go dual track (Hybrid) as they need almost all the skills to perform necessary evasion. Because of having these evasion skills, their DPS loses out to Bowmasters. However, their survivability is definitely one of the best on the hands of skilled Acrobat players. One Lv40 skill is a series Read the rest of this entry

Let’s talk about the 8 different classes! (Part 1)

Are you still wavering on which class to pick? Fret not! In this post, I will be describing some brief characteristics of all the 8 different classes. More precise skill builds will be posted in the upcoming posts.

Before I continue to describe all of the classes, one thing to take note is that there are 2 different kinds of attack in Dragon Nest. If you take a look under your Stats screen, you will see a Physical Attack, and a Magic Attack. For almost all the classes, there will be BOTH Physical and Magic skills under your skill tree. The only ones who don’t are Acrobats, Force Users, Elemental Lords, Mercenaries and Priests.

Sword Master

As the name suggests, Sword Master only uses the sword weapon. Most of the Physical skills are close-range, while most of the Magic skills are long-range. Usually players will be adding skills for both trees because this gives them more skills to use while waiting for other skills to finish cooldown. However, only 1 of the Lv40 skills can be added. The Physical one features a series of many different fast-paced attacks, the Magic one conjures several gigantic waves that can sweep Read the rest of this entry


Thinking of what classes to pick? Here is a list of them and some brief information on their respective advancements.

Things to note:

  1. Classes are gender-locked, meaning you cannot have both genders available for a certain class. Warriors and Clerics are males and Archers and Sorceresses are females.
  2. You can only choose one level 40 ultimate skill. This skill will determine which 2nd advancements job you will get.
  3. You can make your 1st job advancement at lv 15.



Warriors have moderate HP, high physical defense and low magic defense. They have a skill called sprint, which allows them to move very fast at the expense of mana. Swordmaster uses big swords while Mercenary uses axes and hammers.



Archers are a class with low HP.  Bowmasters are arguably the best DPS class in both PvE and PvP. Acrobats may not have the same high DPS as Bowmasters, their superb evasion skills are up to their advantange.



Clerics are the only classes with heal. This makes them a very popular class since HP potions have long cool down and don’t heal much. Paladin is more of a tank class and needless to say, Priest goes more on healing.



Sorceresses have low HP but high DPS. Force User uses dark and light-based attacks with various time-manipulating skills while Elementalist uses fire and ice-based attacks with several Damage-Over-Time skills.