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Analysis of Top Guardian Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Guardian Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

  • Guadian Force: Consume 3 “defence tokens” collected to activate.  Phy damage 330.4%+1094  to surrouding target and give party members a protection barrier that will absorb damage up to 16410 damage at Lv2. Maximum duration of the barrier is 15sec. CD is 45sec.
  • Auto Block EX: When attack is blocked successfully, a “defence token” will be gathered.  Each “defence token” increase 2% str and 2% int up to the maximum of 10 tokens.
  • Justice Crash: Jump and smash down to deal phy dmg 472%+1906 at skill lv 1. CD is 33sec. Invincible while casting.  Can be activated in air by pressing spacebar. 100% chance to stun the target but will not deal critical damage.