Guide on Force User/Mystic Skill Build

Welcome to the Guide on Force User/Mystic Skill Build!

Again, I will be using a full hybrid Dark-type build. You can see that I favour hybrid build alot because I can have skills on both side which are helpful. Only when 2nd advancement is out, I will then have to sacrifice some skills.


  • High Spammability
  • Spectrum Shower Learnt – Great skill for clearing big AOE around self.
  • Force Mirror Learnt – It helps to block mobs’ attack and increases magic damage dealt to enemies nearby.
  • Time Resurrection at high level – In PvE, this skill can stop enemies’ action 8.5 seconds. Seriously gay. Duration is shorter in PvP.
  • 9-Tail Laser learnt – Quite a good skill on big mobs.


  • Force Mirror Learnt – This skill blocks your allies’ movement/attack as well.
  • Many Points Learnt on Light Tree – These points could have been spent on other skills like Summon Black Hole, Summon Comet, Slow Area or Gravity Ball. Later at the list of skills section, I will touch more on the details of each skills so you will know if you want to transfer some SP to these skills or not.
Take note that the English names of the skills are taken reference from mmosite, hence the names may contradict what we have in Dragon Nest SEA. Here’s the link in which you can compare the name to the skill icons. I will update this once the information is being released in Open Beta. Link here MMOsite Sorceress Skill List.
Now let’s take a look at the build. If you want to create your own build, you can go to the simulator at the Resources Tab of this blog.
  • Flame Worm and Whirling Staff – Left at lv 1 will do. Won’t be using them at all at high levels.
  • Glacial Spike – Low cooldown skill with low damage. However, it can be used as a filler. Personally, I increased it because I have nowhere else to add also. Furthermore, people have said that at higher level, this skill can freeze mobs at a higher chance.
  • Poison Missle – A must to max this skill for high DPS. One of your main spells to spam after casting Time Acceleration.
  • Force Explosion – Skill with OK damage. Left at pre-requisite level.
  • Shock Wave – Skill with OK damage which helps to knock mobs away from you. Left at pre-requisite level.
  • Charge Missle – I didn’t learn this skill because I won’t be able to hold my attack button to do spam normal attacks. I usually spam normal attacks when skills have not finished their cool down so I can continue my combo count. If you learn this skill, it may affect your combo count. Considering the new item prefix where you need normal attacks to have a chance to activate, this skill will definitely ruin your gameplay.
  • Blink – Max it for lower cool down. So that you can avoid mob damage better.
  • Counter Spell – Must-learn skill to recover after being knockdown-ed.
  • Aerial Evasion – Must-learn skill to recover after being thrown in the air.
  • Escape – Excellent skill to recover your movement. When being attacked and rendered unmovable, you can use blink to escape away.
  • Mental Mastery – Learnt till the level to unlock Mental Training. You can ignore this skill if you have an abundance of Mana.
  • Mental Training – If your Mana regenerates fast enough, ignore this skill as well. Otherwise, leave it at lv 1.
  • Physical Mastery – Maxed at lv 3 in this case. You may want to drop it also if you have sufficient HP when using Set Equipments.
Force User/Mystic
  • Gravity Ball – Low cooldown. Spam this for high DPS. You will need to make this till high level if you’re advancing as Dark-Type 2nd advancement.
  • Linear Ray – Skill with OK damage with around 1 sec cast time. For Light-Type 2nd advancement, this skill changes to one which needs to be charged. That is why I don’t favour the Light-Type. The need to charge a skill makes you vulnerable to attacks.
  • Teleport – Great skill for avoiding damage as well. Moves a great distance. Some people leave it at lv 1 and then use a heraldry plate to lower its cooldown, instead of raising its level. Its up to you whether to increase the level and then use another better heraldry plate.
  • Micro Hole – Another skill which must be maxed for high DPS. Together with Time Acceleration, you will be rotating Poison Missle and Micro hole. This will also generate insane combo count.
  • Slow Area – I only add till lv 1. 40% slower movement speed area debuff. In CN server, I don’t see much of a difference for this skill at lv 1. If you have spare SP, you may want to add this to have better slowing ability.
  • Summon Black Hole – Left at pre-requisite as well. People have said that increasing the level increases the suction speed. However, I don’t see much of a difference so for me, I will not raise it any higher.
  • Spectrum Shower – I’ve seen many people learning this skill and clear mass mobs easily. When I was playing in CN server, I avoided this skill and met some problems with mass mobs around self. Probably, I’m the one who lacks playing skills. So it is up to you to learn it or not.
  • Summon Comet – Left at pre-requisite. Very high damage skill but has a 45 sec cool down. If you have extra SP, you can put them here if you want. The comet gets larger at higher level as well.
  • Force Mirror – Mentioned in advantages and disadvantages. Left at pre-requisite also.
  • Time Resurrection – Learnt till high level as well. Mentioned in advantages. You can reduce this skill’s level also to have more SP on other skills.
  • Raise Gravity – Used to hold mobs to the ground. The caster wont be able to move also. If you move, the skill is cancelled. Pre-requisite will do.
  • 9-Tail Laser – Left at pre-requisite also. Since the version that I played don’t have this skill, Im not sure if its good to increase this to higher levels. If you have any comments with this, feel free to comment in this post.
  • Gravity Sphere and Force Wave – Both at lv 1 will do. You may choose to ignore Gravity Sphere. Personally, I will learn both to be able to deal damage right after I blink. It helps in PvP also. For Force Wave, the damge is around self, useful in both PvP and PvE.
  • Force Shield – Left at pre-requisite. Chance to activate when attacked. Reduces damage taken and increases your magic attack.
  • Payback Mana – Ignore this skill. Most of the time, you will have enough Mana at high levels.
  • Time Interruption – Activated by clicking left mouse button when being attacked. It will stop your opponent’s action for short while. Pre-requisite will do.
  • Time Acceleration – At lv 34, you can only learn till lv 1. imbalanced skill. Your party members will be crying for this skill if you are in the party.
  • Meteor Swarm – Summoning many meteors around self. Must-learn if you want to advance to Dark-Type Force User called Majesty.
  • Eraser – Shooting many lasers in front of the caster. Must-learn if you want to advance to Light-Type Force User called Smasher. Many people prefer this ultimate because of the damage reduction dealt on the caster. However, since many people also favour Majesty more than Smasher, they will have no choice but to learn Meteor Swarm. Don’t quote me but there may be updates to Light-Type skills so builds may change.
Skill Order Usage
When in Time Acceleration mode, you will be rotating both Poison Missle and Micro Hole. When in normal mode, use Gravity Ball, Micro Hole, Poison Missle and then the rest is actually up to you. Your dark-type attacks will be amplified if you are using dark element attack equipments. So this is another advantage for playing Majesty.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. hey force user needs book doll or crystal?? can someone tell me?

    • It doesn’t really matter when you reach high levels. You will be busy spamming spells or your normal attacks. As for their respective stats, Im not sure if there is something like maybe book has higher critical or higher base magic attack for example. You can try asking on the forums for more experienced replies =)

  2. hye there. just wanna ask, is this guide good for pvp? or just pve? thanks in advance! 🙂

  3. Hi, is “Slow Area”/”Gravity Trap” useful? I’m going for Majesty, and I saw the other Majesty guide didn’t pump this skill, are they useless in PVE and only excels in PVP situations? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi, same question with Ivan. Some builds didn’t put Gravity Trap and sometimes Black Hole. Am I correct in assuming that those builds that I saw is a purely PVE build? I really like your PVP/PVE hybrid build. Useful for young servers like DN SEA.

  5. hey sir , i want to ask, is this guide good for pvp? or pve?

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