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In-depth Analysis on Prefix Effect II: Armor


In the second part of the guide, the prefix effect for armor will be discussed. Unlike weapon, armor effect has a cooldown after its activation. Agan, i will only focus on effect which is useful in PVE. PVP-oriented prefix effect will not be looked into at the moment.

Refer to PART I of the guide for prefix effect of weapon.
In-depth Analysis on Prefix Effect I: Weapon


The most popular prefix for armor is the Life prefix: there is a chance to recover a certain amount of HP when you are hit. The reason for its popularity is the cooldown for the activation is the shortest: 5sec.

The amount % HP recovery varies with armor type and class. 4 parts of Life armor parts (no life prefix for helm) give a total of 3.1% HP recovery for cleric, 4.0% for warrior, 6.6% for sorceress and archer. The % Hp recovery will be increased when the armor is enchanted beyond +8. For example, the basic Hp recovery for cleric life armor is 1.05%, after +8, the Hp recovery becomes 1.15% (approximately 10% increase).
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