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In-depth Analysis on Prefix Effect II: Armor


In the second part of the guide, the prefix effect for armor will be discussed. Unlike weapon, armor effect has a cooldown after its activation. Agan, i will only focus on effect which is useful in PVE. PVP-oriented prefix effect will not be looked into at the moment.

Refer to PART I of the guide for prefix effect of weapon.
In-depth Analysis on Prefix Effect I: Weapon


The most popular prefix for armor is the Life prefix: there is a chance to recover a certain amount of HP when you are hit. The reason for its popularity is the cooldown for the activation is the shortest: 5sec.

The amount % HP recovery varies with armor type and class. 4 parts of Life armor parts (no life prefix for helm) give a total of 3.1% HP recovery for cleric, 4.0% for warrior, 6.6% for sorceress and archer. The % Hp recovery will be increased when the armor is enchanted beyond +8. For example, the basic Hp recovery for cleric life armor is 1.05%, after +8, the Hp recovery becomes 1.15% (approximately 10% increase).
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In-depth Analysis on Prefix Effect I: Weapon


A new prefix system for armors and weapons was introduced since the lvl50 cap opens. This article will present an in-depth analysis on the prefix effect of armor and weapon.

I will only emphasis on the prefixes which are important in PVE.  There are some prefixes which can be very useful in PVP, but I will not touch on them in this article, at least for the time being.

NOTE: Actually to be precise, this new system should be called the “Suffix System” instead of “Prefix System” because the words showing the nature of the weapon is attached at the back of the weapon name. The old system has the properties shown at the front, hence named the “Prefix” of the weapon/armor. The name kinda sticks till now, and “prefix” is still widely used. We will stick to the word “prefix” for now.
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