Guide on Acrobat Skill Build

Welcome to the Guide on Acrobat Skill Build!

And again, this is a Hybrid skill build for Acrobat as well. I believe none of the Acrobat players chose the Pure build because the skills in the 2 paths are all extremely important for Acrobats. Nonetheless, there will still be a choice of the number of SPs invested in different skills.

So, why play Acrobats?

  • You probably have heard that Acrobats are one of the best PvP class in game. However, I believe that only applies to situation on 1 vs 1. I am not saying that Acrobats do not do well in mass PvP either, but just that it shines more in 1 vs 1.
  • The ability to jump and tumble all around. Probably the fastest moving class. Chain Tumble, Top Spinning, Spirit Boost, and even Show Time in 2nd job (Wind Walker).
  • Most skills have fast cooldown, which means the ability to generate combos consistently. However, this will make Acrobats run out of MP fast.
  • The best evasion class. Acrobats have the most number of evasion skills, which greatly improves its survivability if a skilled Acrobat is in play. Without survivability, no matter how high DPS you get is useless in the game.
Now let’s take a look at this skill build. Take note that I have used up all the SPs available as this would be the build I will be using if I play an Acrobat. Nonetheless, I will be discussing all the arguable skills below. If you want to create your own build, you can go to the Resources Tab of this blog for the simulator.


  •  Twin Shot – A fast-cast attack with only a 4.5 second cooldown. Definitely one of the best DPS skills available in both PvP and PvE. Just spam it as often as you can as a filler in between your skill combos. Max this or level it high.
  • Piercing Shot – Put this on pre-requisite level as this skill is not really used in my game.
  • Revolving Hit – One of the chaining combo skill. Not a good DPS skill, leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Multi Shot – This is a 7-arrow mid range attack that deals quite a fair bit of damage. The down side is only the long cooldown time. Level this high since Piercing Shot is not as useful for a melee class.
  • Magic Arrow – Not a good DPS skill, but it is a good attack skill that forces enemies to be immovable for a slight moment. Quite a decent skill for PvP. You can choose to add this, but it works well ONLY in PvP.
  • Owl’s Insight – Gives you additional chance to score a critical in your attacks. It is usually used when you are using a high damage skill such as Astral Illusion. However, as you level higher and your equipment gets better, this may be rendered useless as your Critical Chance will be decently high due to the Agility Stats. Either add this at Lv1, or don’t add it.
  • Eagle’s Rage – A party Critical buff that last for about 10 seconds. A skill that doesn’t requires any SP, so a definite must-have skill.
  • Spin Kick – Default skill. Leave it.
  • Low Spin Kick – Default skill. Leave it.
  • Tumble – Your bread and butter to dodge any attack. Max it.
  • Moon Sault Kick – This is activated by pressing right click when you are in the air. As there are several skills that allow Acrobats to sustain certain air time, this skill is good in generating consistent combos. As it is not meant to be a DPS skill, some Acrobats do not add them. Put this skill at Lv1 or don’t add this.
  • Pin Wheel – When you are being knocked down on the ground, you can attack the surrounding enemies with multiple kicks and regain your position. As you attack, the animation will be slower because of the attack. However, with Top Spinning, you can start generating combos right after you regain your position. Put this skill at Lv1 or don’t add this.
  • High Spin Kick – Useless for Acrobats.
  • Somersault Kick – The pre-emptive skill to activate Double Flying Kick. A must-have skill. Leave it at Lv1.
  • Urgency Trick – Gives you an additional chance to avoid attacks, or regain your position after being attack. Put this at minimum Lv1. Increase it if you have spare SPs.
  • Aerial Evasion – Regains your position when you are being hit to the air. Put this at minimum Lv1, and increase it if you have spare SPs.
  • Mental Mastery – Increases your MP limit. Useless as skill’s MP consumption is based on percentages. However, this is a pre-requisite for Mental Training. If you have spare SPs to add to Mental Training, put this at pre-requisite level.
  • Physical Mastery – Increases your HP limit. HP is very important in Dragon Nest, however, Acrobats usually have low HP and this increment from the skill may not be as great. Add this if you have spare SPs.
  • Mental Training – Having trouble with insufficient MP? Add this for faster MP regeneration if you have spare SPs.
  • Kick & Shoot – A skill usually used to start a combo. Able to flip enemies in the air for a slight duration. Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Circle Shot – Grants you a little air time while attacking surrounding enemies and knocking them away from you. At it to Lv1.
  • Eagle’s Descent – As it is activated while in air, it is usually used after using Air Walk, Double Flying Kick, or Chain Tumble. Leave it at pre-requisite, or level it high for high damage if you have spare SPs.
  • Binding Shot – Another skill that is usually used to start a combo. A very nice skill to gather mobs together. As you know the mobs in Dragon Nest have good AI. They sometimes scatter all around to prevent you from killing them easily with a few AOE skills. Binding Shot is incredibly useful in situation like this. Not only that, it allows you to use Somersault Kick without having to stun the enemies. Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Spirit Excellation – Increases your Agility stat for 1 minute. Add this high if you have enough SPs, if not just leave it at Lv1.
  • Blooming Kick – Either you manually press the skill to activate the stunning kick, or right click twice to activate. As stunning a target gives you a chance to activate Somersault Kick, some Acrobats level this to have a 100% stun rate (not 100% against Nest Bosses). Leave it at pre-requisite, or level it to Lv6.
  • Spiral Vortex – Creates a spiraling vortex in front of you. Another mob gathering skill with a nice damage. Max it.
  • Spirit Boost – Increases both movement and attack speed for all party members including self. This is usually used before using Astral Illusion. Leave it at Lv1, or add it to Lv2 for an additional second and speed.
  • Cyclone Kick – Kicking multiple times while moving forward, and then kicks enemies up in the air with another few kicks in a cyclone. A good damage skill, max it.
  • Air Walk – Press space in the air to activate this. Can activate it consecutively up to 3 times (5 times or even more if you level this high). You may be able to activate this multiple times in PvE, but definitely not PvP because players can dodge it with Aerial Evasion. Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Spiral Kick – A ground kick activated straight after you tumble. Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Cancel Circle Shot – This is a Circle Shot activated when you are being hit to the air. A second Aerial Evasion skill that you have. Usually you don’t get hit in the air too often, except during PvP. Hence this seems to be a redundant skill for some PvE Acrobats. Either add this to Lv1, or don’t add this.
  • Chain Tumble – Another tumble activated after your tumble. Superb skill for evasion as it increases your invincibility time for another second. Level this as high as possible if you have sufficient SPs. Minimum place it at Lv5 for fast cooldown of the skill.
  • Spirit Flame – A small spirit bomb shot after you tumble. A shot with incredible range. It works similar to Magic Arrow in terms of making enemies immovable for a slight duration. Leave it at Lv1.
  • Double Flying Kick – Another superb skill. A 3 second cooldown skill with decent damage and numerous combo generation. It can only be activated after you activate Somersault Kick. Usually, you will be able to use this twice within a short time due to Blooming Kick and Binding Shot.
  • Top Spinning – Able to tumble slightly when you are in the air. Remember that Top Spinning can only tumble forward or backward, not sideways. Put this at minimum Lv1. Lv1 is recommended as this is not a skill meant to be spammed.
  • Short Bow Mastery – Max this for higher damage.
  • Astral Illusion/Spiral Edge – Astral Illusion is a series of fast attack. It can deal a very significant amount of damage when all attacks hit. However, Spiral Edge is a fast aerial plunging attack with incredible AOE. The damage may not be as high as Astral Illusion, but it may not be that easy to hit a target with all the attacks, especially, in PvPs.
Skill Combos
Kick&Shoot->Spiral Kick->Revolving Hit->Air Walk (3times)->Moon Sault Kick->Binding Shot->Somersault Kick->Double Flying Kick->Eagle’s Descent->Blooming Kick->Somersault Kick->Double Flying Kick->Spiral Vortex->Cyclone Kick
Of course, if you spam this in PvE, your MP will definitely run out very fast. In PvE, the trick is to gather mobs together and kill them with your AOE skills such as Binding Shot, Double Flying Kick, Spiral Vortex, Cyclone Kick and Eagle’s Descent. Hence, the PvE combo I’ve provided is probably more useful in PvE BOSSES. Do take note that Blooming Kick’s stun may not work 100% on BOSSES.

Kick&Shoot->Spiral Kick->Revolving Hit->Air Walk (3 times)->Moon Sault Kick->Binding Shot->Somersault Kick->Double Flying Kick->Eagle’s Descent->Kick&Shoot->Circle Shot(Forward)->Spiral Kick->….  [Repeat the bolded skills]
This combo is meant to be an unlimited chained one. As I have not played my Acrobat for quite a long time, the combo may not be 100% working, so fellow Acrobats please test this yourself. Please note that even though it is said to be an unlimited chained combo, in order to succeed in that, you have to be precise in your aiming and directioning, plus the enemy did not perform any evasion techniques. Afterall, this combo only serves as a guidance but not a complete mimicking. The situation changes whenever you enemy performs certain actions.

Fun with Top Spinning
  1. Tumble->Chain Tumble->Spirit Flame->Top Spinning->Spiral Kick
  2. Circle Shot->While in the air, Top Spinning->Spirit Flame/Spiral Kick
  3. Binding Shot->Somersault Kick->Double Flying Kick->Top Spinning->Spirit Flame/Spiral Kick
The combos are probably endless, as there are many different ways to activate Top Spinning as long as you are in the air.
That’s all for now. Feel free to ask any questions or give any comments to improve on this guide.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. Top spinning should be max. Coz this is one of the specialty of acrobats…
    To make the furthest distance on playing with top spinning, try chain tumble, spiral kick, circle shot, top spinning, spiral edge

  2. I would advise leveling Kick Shot for Kick Shot EX (Tempest). You’ll need Lv11

    • As the title suggest, it is an Acrobat Skill Build, and not a Tempest Skill Build. In order to your class’es EX skill, everyone has to increase one of their basic job skill high. That’s a sure thing.

  3. hi again. was wondering what set is good for acrobat at level 24? i followed your guide about item prefix and went for combination 1. but it seems most acro i’ve seen are using wind type armors. i am on the right track? though combination 1 help me survive on killing manticore solo abyss without even dying once.

  4. hi :). im a lvl 24 acrobat too, for me in terms of pvp i use all wind type equips. to have high chance to crit and deal more damage.. does anyone have a better idea?.. i think i focus more on damage and forget my deffence… and i think its not good, XD

    can anyone help me for improvements?.. what do you prefer?..
    need help thank you very much..^^

  5. and yeah..cancel circle shot should be added to lvl 1
    and also urgent trick full to – cd..
    acrobat should always considers full evasion 1st, then only consider increase twin shot.
    i agree twin shot is the skill that we spam the most but when we consider the ratio of sp used and dmg increased after maxing it..not worth it..multi shot is still alright..since it’s lvl8 pre-requisite, added to max doesn’t use up much sp compared with twin shot..
    blooming kick never have effect on nest boss(i mean the the final boss) and most of the huge-sized pvE acrobat can add to pre-requisite..and actually lvl 4 stunning chance is alrdy good enough for pvp..since it’s not really 100% even if it says 100% stun at lvl 6, so if there’s a better skill that worth for sp..we should consider leave blooming kick as prerequisite..
    just personal opinion..

  6. does wind armors adds crit chances? it says in the desrciption chances to inrease crit RESISTANCE. am i right? so there is no add critical DMG.

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