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Elemental Lord in-depth PvP Skill Guide, Combos, and Tactics

Elemental Lord in-depth PvP Skill Guide, Combos, and Tactics


Recently, I have been actively researching on Elemental Lord PvP all over the Chinese sites. I have also tested what I have learnt through my EL. I may not be one of the best PvP ELs around, but I’m sure I’m at least average or better =D *shy*

I have been writing this guide for the past few days, and wondering if I should post this. One of my reasons hesitating is that I do not have the knowledge to post PvP guides for ALL classes. I do not want fellow DN players to ask for PvP guides to all the classes available. The only class I have researched on so greatly, is on EL. Nevertheless, by reading the post now, it means I have decided to post my knowledge gained on this. As for PvP Read the rest of this entry

Elemental Lord/Elementalist Heraldry Plates/Crests

I just remembered I have missed out some classes’ guide on Heraldrys. Here I am to fill up for Elemental Lords.

I would not be talking about ALL the plates available, but just what I consider is good for Elemental Lord/Elementalist, and some other possible alternatives.

Note: I do not have the names of all the Heraldry Plates from DN SEA. I will be using my own translation from the CN/TW servers. Nonetheless, I will explain what the plate does, so you will roughly get the idea which Heraldry Plate it is.

Firstly, let’s talk about Stats-based Heraldry. The most important few plates would be

  1. Fatal – Increases your Critical Chance by a certain amount. I believe all attack classes will use this plate as one of their 8 choices. Critical ignores defense, so that is what makes Critical so important.
  2. Magician – The basic attack stat for Magic Attackers. This amplifies your magic attack stat by a huge margin. Read the rest of this entry

Guide on Elemental Lord/Elementalist Skill Build

Hi guys, this is a Guide on Elemental Lord/Elementalist Skill Build I’ve written based on several guides from foreign players. I am not an experienced Elemental Lord/Elementalist, and hence you may wish to refer to other guides before following my skill build entirely for yourself.

I will be using a Hybrid Fire+Ice skill build (leaning towards Ice). Please note that this skill build may change drastically when the 2nd job advancement is being released. This build is only dedicated to hybrid builds up to Lv40. I Read the rest of this entry