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Elemental Lord in-depth PvP Skill Guide, Combos, and Tactics

Elemental Lord in-depth PvP Skill Guide, Combos, and Tactics


Recently, I have been actively researching on Elemental Lord PvP all over the Chinese sites. I have also tested what I have learnt through my EL. I may not be one of the best PvP ELs around, but I’m sure I’m at least average or better =D *shy*

I have been writing this guide for the past few days, and wondering if I should post this. One of my reasons hesitating is that I do not have the knowledge to post PvP guides for ALL classes. I do not want fellow DN players to ask for PvP guides to all the classes available. The only class I have researched on so greatly, is on EL. Nevertheless, by reading the post now, it means I have decided to post my knowledge gained on this. As for PvP Read the rest of this entry