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How do you level fast?

I believe most of you may be curious on how to level fast in the game?

Firstly, you have to understand some concepts. Some may be a common-sense thingy to all experienced MMORPG players.

  1. Are you sometimes annoyed by people that constantly calls for a full 4-man party to do just a NORMAL quest dungeon? This is because the more players you have in a party, the lower the difficulty (Easy=Normal), the lesser Blessing Points you use per run.
  2. Ever found your quests too troublesome, that you just want to scrap them off and level purely on dungeon runs? However, Quests are a huge EXP source regardless of your level. Quests plus Dungeon EXP are the way to go.
  3. See those Mission Board Quests? Those give good EXP too. However, note that some of these quests do not allow quest-sharing. This means that when 2 or more players in the party are doing the same quest, they may Read the rest of this entry