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How do you earn gold fast?

Gold is very important in game as it allows you to enhance and repair equipment, buy potions, craft set equipment, craft heraldry plates, etc. It is also one of the currency available for you to trade among players, the other one being Dragon Nest Points.

There are arguments over trading items with Gold and Dragon Nest Points. Gold depreciates in value as more gold is generated as time goes by, but the value of Dragon Nest Points will never drop. However, Dragon Nest Points only allows you to purchase Cash Shop items, while Gold allows you to do various functions in game. So, it is up to you whether you have enough Gold under your disposal such that you need to trade items with Gold or Dragon Nest Points.

Without further ado, here are several ways for you to earn Gold fast in game.

  1. When you reach Lv40, with good equipment, you can attempt the Dark Boundary dungeon (The 36R). The higher level you go, the more item pieces (name unknown in English yet) you can get. These pieces can be exchanged for Rank B Heraldry Plates, and has a very small chance of getting Rank A Heraldry Plates. Usually only Cleric classes Read the rest of this entry

Blessing Points usage for all dungeons (up to Lv40)

Blessing Points are points you get everyday, and every week. For DN SEA, you get 800 daily, while weekly, you should get a 1000. They can be found on the bottom right of your game screen, being a greyish blue bar with the number of Blessing Points available indicated on top of the bar.

These BPs give you extra EXP bonus when you do dungeons, and when they depletes fully, you will not gain any EXTRA EXP bonus. You can continue to do the dungeons to gain EXP, but just that it would be lesser. But do note that blessing points are not the same as fatigue(FTG). It does not work the same way as in DN of other countries.

How do you level fast?

I believe most of you may be curious on how to level fast in the game?

Firstly, you have to understand some concepts. Some may be a common-sense thingy to all experienced MMORPG players.

  1. Are you sometimes annoyed by people that constantly calls for a full 4-man party to do just a NORMAL quest dungeon? This is because the more players you have in a party, the lower the difficulty (Easy=Normal), the lesser Blessing Points you use per run.
  2. Ever found your quests too troublesome, that you just want to scrap them off and level purely on dungeon runs? However, Quests are a huge EXP source regardless of your level. Quests plus Dungeon EXP are the way to go.
  3. See those Mission Board Quests? Those give good EXP too. However, note that some of these quests do not allow quest-sharing. This means that when 2 or more players in the party are doing the same quest, they may Read the rest of this entry

Achieving SSS for Dark Tower Magic Institute

As you can see from my earlier post, there are several ways in doing so. I will explain how to achieve SSS easily in the Dark Tower Magic Institute in this post.

The party would be good if you have at least 2 or more range classes, I.E Archers and Sorceresses. They should bring with them a weapon bought from Borin (The Blacksmith NPC). For Archers, buy a Short Bow as it provides fast attack speed. For Sorceress, any will do. Buy one that has the lowest possible attack. If not, a Paladin with the Golden Hammer skill will be a good combo achiever. See the below video.

Just use your full power killing all the mobs in the dungeon until you reach the final BOSS stage. As you enter this stage, you will notice the huge BOSS, a couple of yellow spiders beside it, and several eggs around them. For the non range Read the rest of this entry