How do you level fast?

I believe most of you may be curious on how to level fast in the game?

Firstly, you have to understand some concepts. Some may be a common-sense thingy to all experienced MMORPG players.

  1. Are you sometimes annoyed by people that constantly calls for a full 4-man party to do just a NORMAL quest dungeon? This is because the more players you have in a party, the lower the difficulty (Easy=Normal), the lesser Blessing Points you use per run.
  2. Ever found your quests too troublesome, that you just want to scrap them off and level purely on dungeon runs? However, Quests are a huge EXP source regardless of your level. Quests plus Dungeon EXP are the way to go.
  3. See those Mission Board Quests? Those give good EXP too. However, note that some of these quests do not allow quest-sharing. This means that when 2 or more players in the party are doing the same quest, they may not be able to complete the quest. These quests are primarily those that request you to kill a particular mob, collect a particular item, or destroy a particular object.
  4. If you go in dungeons with the same party consecutively for up to 3 times, you can get extra EXP bonus from it.
  5. Add your party members into your Friends List. That will provide you with extra EXP bonus too.
  6. Remember to collect all the possible quests in town before approaching the quest dungeons.
  7. Did you notice the ranks given to you after completing a dungeon? The highest rank being SSS gives you a whooping 35% extra EXP bonus after completing the dungeon. So, try attempting a SSS rank for all your dungeons IF it is possible.
  8. Then the question comes. How do you achieve SSS? The way is to generate as many points as possible. Notice the Points on the right side of the screen? It increases whenever you perform certain actions, such as attacking, using skills, scoring high combos and attacking the same mob with your party mates. The points, on the other hand, will be reduced if you perform negatively such as suffering huge damage, get poisoned and being dead several times. One of the easiest dungeon to score SSS is the Dark Tower Magic Institute. I will explain this further in another post.
  9. Whenever you hit near 100 Blessing Points left, stop and look what quests do you have left. Take note of the Blessing Points you need to complete them in a 4-man party. Until the point that the last dungeon you intend to go will consume all your Blessing Points, go to this dungeon in Abyss mode instead. Why? The last Blessing Point usage will not be affected by the amount of Blessing Points required for the dungeon. If you are good enough to solo an Abyss dungeon, go ahead. The 300 Blessing Points will be used only with that 10 or 20 Blessing Points left. I will post a separate post on Blessing Points usage for each dungeon.
  10. When various Nests are released, they provide EXP for you too. These include Minotaur Nests and Ceberus Nests. I am not sure of the rest though. If you can solo them, you will get the highest EXP possible. If you can’t, just find more players and the EXP would be decent as well.
  11. Dark Boundary will provide you will extra EXP too. There are 2 dungeons (24R and 36R) in that area. The 24R (I do not know the English Name of that dungeon as it is not released in CBT yet) provides you with 15% EXP per run. You get 2 free entry cards per day. The entry cards can be used for both 24R and 36R.
  12. Notice the Cyber Cafe Blessing Points? I am not too sure about how it works, but I believe if you play Dragon Nest SEA in some designated LANshops which is still unknown by now, you will get the extra Blessing Points.
  13. Lastly, if you don’t mind spending real cash, get yourself a Premium account. It provides you a 15% EXP bonus and 150 additional Blessing Points.

If you follow this well, you should be able to get to Lv15 within 3 or 4 days without using the Weekly Blessing Points. Subsequently, you will level up on average 2-3 times per day until Lv24+. On average 1.5-2 times per day until Lv32+, and then 1 time per day until Lv40.

That is all that I can think of now. Feel free to add in your comments or even new tips to level fast!

Update: I was aware that in CBT, you can continue to enter dungeons for Quests and EXP, just that the bonus EXP is removed. I am not sure if this still applies in OBT, but if it is implemented, this guide will only applies to the amount of BPs spent for your game. You may get to Lv12 and more within a day.
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  1. Hmmm….from 15 to 20 only took me a day doing abyss dung. alone and 20 to 24 day too
    doing catacombs master hunting for enchantment photo memory for crafting my gears when i reach 24 btw also around 15 to 20 i got a gold bunny

    • This guide only targets the efficiency of using ONLY the BPs. You must have continued doing abyss dungeons even when you have finished your BPs, and that is why you could level so fast. If you have all the time in the world to play, you could have reach lv24 within a day or 2.

      Furthermore, due to this new feature (different from the fatigue feature in foreign servers), I seldom see anybody using this normal-dungeon levelling method anymore. This guide is outdated.

  2. well,in my experience..i just do alot of quests. and i leveled up to lvl 15-23 in just 3 days tops. more or less,depending on what your focusing. like doing quests for example.

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