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Elemental Lord/Elementalist Heraldry Plates/Crests

I just remembered I have missed out some classes’ guide on Heraldrys. Here I am to fill up for Elemental Lords.

I would not be talking about ALL the plates available, but just what I consider is good for Elemental Lord/Elementalist, and some other possible alternatives.

Note: I do not have the names of all the Heraldry Plates from DN SEA. I will be using my own translation from the CN/TW servers. Nonetheless, I will explain what the plate does, so you will roughly get the idea which Heraldry Plate it is.

Firstly, let’s talk about Stats-based Heraldry. The most important few plates would be

  1. Fatal – Increases your Critical Chance by a certain amount. I believe all attack classes will use this plate as one of their 8 choices. Critical ignores defense, so that is what makes Critical so important.
  2. Magician – The basic attack stat for Magic Attackers. This amplifies your magic attack stat by a huge margin. Read the rest of this entry