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Thinking of what classes to pick? Here is a list of them and some brief information on their respective advancements.

Things to note:

  1. Classes are gender-locked, meaning you cannot have both genders available for a certain class. Warriors and Clerics are males and Archers and Sorceresses are females.
  2. You can only choose one level 40 ultimate skill. This skill will determine which 2nd advancements job you will get.
  3. You can make your 1st job advancement at lv 15.



Warriors have moderate HP, high physical defense and low magic defense. They have a skill called sprint, which allows them to move very fast at the expense of mana. Swordmaster uses big swords while Mercenary uses axes and hammers.



Archers are a class with low HP.  Bowmasters are arguably the best DPS class in both PvE and PvP. Acrobats may not have the same high DPS as Bowmasters, their superb evasion skills are up to their advantange.



Clerics are the only classes with heal. This makes them a very popular class since HP potions have long cool down and don’t heal much. Paladin is more of a tank class and needless to say, Priest goes more on healing.



Sorceresses have low HP but high DPS. Force User uses dark and light-based attacks with various time-manipulating skills while Elementalist uses fire and ice-based attacks with several Damage-Over-Time skills.

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Welcome to all Dragon Nest players! I am sure some of you have played this wonderful action-based MMORPG in the Korea, China or even Taiwan servers. However, to the others who are still relatively new to the game, I believe you will find many useful tips and features in this blog.

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