Guide on Priest Skill Build

Welcome to the Guide on Priest Skill Build.

There are 2 tracks for Priests, one that prioritize more on lightning based attacks, while the other has more supportive skills such as various heals and buffs. Some people go for a full supportive build while some wants to have some attack skills so they can deal more damage as well. Having that said, the damage of a first advancement priest is not that high compared to the other DPS class. Learning other attack skills helps one to solo better as well. It also helps your team to kill faster.

This build will be a build which focuses more on healing but at the same time, learning all of the lightning attack skills excluding the ultimate. I will also be max-ing all 3 normal buffs. It is up to your personal preference whether to shift the SPs from these skills elsewhere. Again, I want to emphasize that this build will be changed once 2nd advancement is out. Now I will go into the Pros and Cons.


  • 3 buffs at maxed level
  • More attack skills to choose from. Helps your team to do more damage.
  • Lesser damage for Holy Bust
  • Lesser damage for Electric Detonation
  • Slightly lower healing abilities due to lower light element power.
Alternatively, if you want to create your own build, you can go to the Resources Tab of this blog for the simulator.
  • Shield Blow – Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Lightning Upper – Leave it at pre-requisite. You are not going to use this often too.
  • Charge Volt – This skill is only very effective when there are numerous mobs near the point of casting, or the boss is huge to be hit by 4 waves at once. I chose to level this high. If you want to have more SP elsewhere, you can lower the level for this skill.
  • Block – Able to block any attacks. The higher the level, the more number of blocks you can achieve. However, the skill only lasts for 15 seconds. It is unlikely that you will be hit by more than 5 times within that period of time (unless due to certain boss skills that generate multiple hits, or you simply have to improve on your dodging skills). Minimum Lv3, recommended Lv5. In this case, I raise to lv 6.
  • Holy Bolt -A far moving spell that binds enemies at their position for a few seconds. Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Heal – As you increase the level of Heal, the amount of Heal is increased based on the HP you have. There are arguments on whether lv 1 will be enough. But I find it a must to max this because based on the calculation formula, there is a +xxx beside the hp%. That +xxx refers to the additional HP you can heal. At lv 3, it is only +248 but at lv 7, it gets to +1074!
  • Divine Combo – Some players say it’s for PvP, but I find this useless through the gameplay. Don’t add this. If you really want this skill, level 1 will do.
  • Hand of Healing – A skill that doesn’t require any SPs. Why not add it? Increases the amount of healing done from potions used and healing skills.
  • Sliding Step – Dodging skill. Max it. Nuff said.
  • Stomping Kick – Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Half Turn Kick – Leave it at pre-requisite.
  • Counter Blow – Gets you up after being knocked down on the floor. Add this to Lv1, or don’t add it.
  • Fly Kick – No need to learn. More for paladins.
  • Direct Kick – No need to learn. More for paladins.
  • Axe Kick – Useless, don’t add it.
  • Sliding Knee Kick – More of a PvP skill. Add this to Lv1, or Lv3 for an additional kick, or simply don’t add it.
  • Aerial Evasion – At least Lv1. Add if you have extra SPs.
  • Toughness – In this case, I max it. You may want to skip this skill because it’s based on physical attack. However, if you have very good equipments, your physical attack can reach quite high as well. So it may also be a good choice for adding this skill.
  • Physical Mastery – In thise case, I max it to benefit my Heal skill.
  • Mental Mastery – Add if you have extra SPs.
  • Mental Training – Add if you have extra SPs.
  • Lightning Volt – Generates quite a high combo count on mass mobs. Pre-requisite will do.
  • Relic of Lightning – Fast cooldown. The area where the relic drops will knockdown mobs. One of your main DPS skills. If you only spam this skill in mass mobs, they will be attracted to those relics and not attack you. You will only get attacked when the relic disappears. Spam this whenever possible.
  • Chain Lightning – Only a skill to help make a mob get electrocuted. Useful in letting you use Electric Detonation. The reason will be explain in that skill section later. Pre-requisite will do.
  • Grand Cross – Cool looking skill. Useful for pushing back mobs. It has a quite a long casting time of around 3 seconds so you need to be careful when to use it.
  • Relic of Heal – Heals everyone around the relic. Max this to maximise healing. Nuff said.
  • Protection Shell – Reduces damage taken. In this case, I chose to max it to help teammates to take lesser damage. There are other people who argue that if players know how to avoid well, this skill will not be worth to add high. However, mistakes do happen. In my personal opinion, reducing more damage taken will be very useful in much much harder dungeons.
  • Electric Detonation – Fast cast skill with high damage. However, the requirement is that the mobs must be have the status of being electrocuted. If not, it does 0 damage. But don’t worry, priests have many lightning spells that can cause mobs to get the status.
  • Relic of Cure – Helps to remove negative status to everyone near the relic. Also increases light element damage. Pre-requisite will do because the increment for the light element damage is not that significant.
  • Striking – A buff that increases damage. I chose to max it to maximise damage potential for both the team and myself.
  • Holy Bust – High damage skill with big AOE. If you have extra SP, you can level this higher.
  • Bless of Light – A buff that increases light attack and resistance. I chose to max it to maximise light-based damage/defense potential for both the team and myself.
  • Magical Staff Mastery – Max for more magic attack.
  • Mind Breaker – Cause enemies to faint. Pre-requisite will do.
  • Holy Wave – Not worth to add because most of the time, you will want to avoid damage.
  • First Aid – Same as Holy Wave.
  • Relic of Miracle or Heaven’s Judgement – Ultimate skill for Support or Damage. Most people favour Relic of Miracle to be more support-based.

Feel free to comment below.

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  1. put the saint moves i want to know what they do,
    thanks again.

  2. i wanna ask for priest…
    its wise to use mace,flail ,or wand??? thx

  3. nice build.. i will follow this build thanks 😀

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