Analysis of Crusader Build

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Crusader Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

  • Justice Power: In a certain duration, phy attack is increased by 22% int while mag attack is increased by %22 str at Skill Lv2. Duration 25 sec, CD 30sec.
  • Holy Cross EX: increase 50% damage and AOE of Holy Cross.
  • Hammer of Jugdement: Throws a hammer in front to deal damage. Phy dmg 180.6%+1472, Mag dmg 180.6%+ 1262 CD 15sec at skill lv 1. Light elemental attribute.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the skill build.

NOTE: I just realisedย that the Korean player build is inaccurate. The Paladin tree has Divine Avatar added instead of Thor’s Hammer. Hence, I would be recommending the level of skills to be added in all 3 Skill Trees.

This is my recommended skill build.


  • Shield Blow/Lightning Upper/Charged Volt – Optional attack skills that some paladins may or may not prefer to increase their levels.
  • Heal – Some paladins chose to put this just at Lv1, or even not adding this at all. For this player, he has maxed this skill. Why? Lv1-Lv7 only increases the Y number, while Lv8 and Lv9 increases the X number (Heal X% of HP + Y). A Crusader can also function as a sub-healer.
  • Toughness/Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training – Maxed or placed at high levels for best possible defensive and regenerative capabilities. Mental Mastery Lv2 is sufficient.
  • Direct Kick – Optional skill. Crusader focuses more on Magic, and this is a Physical Skill.
  • Sliding Knee Kick – I have mentioned that this is more of a PvP skill. A melee and Physical skill. Crusaders can leave it unadded.


  • Provocation – Even though a Crusader focuses more on attack, this skill is essential in various Nests such as the Sea Dragon Nest. At times where the Guardian is not able to cope with the onslaught of attacks, a Crusader can step up to be a sub-tank while the Guardian regains its capabilities. Afterall, a Crusader is in fact an evolution of Paladin. No other classes could defend better than Crusaders apart from Guardians.
  • Divine Ascension/Divine Vengeance – Similarly, I have mentioned this in the Paladin’s Guide. Being a Crusader, these are definitely optional.
  • Stance of Faith – Placed at Lv5. I would have maxed this at Lv7 if not for insufficient SPs for Provocation.
  • Elemental Aura/Conviction Aura – Being a main Light attacker, high Conviction Aura is definitely a must. I have placed Elemental Aura at Lv0 as I would assume most Guardians would be following the Elemental Aura build.
  • Armor Break – Placed at Lv8. Even though Crusader is not a Physical class, the physical defense reduction is very valuable to a party. It is your choice whether to level this high, or put the SPs to other skills like Stance of Faith, Lightning Charger, Wheel of Iron, or even Sacred Hammer or Charged Volt.
  • Smite – Maxed. The bread and butter of a paladin’s damage.


  • Justice Power – I placed it at Lv2 even though it may not be worthy of the SPs. The 2% increment may be negligible, but I have already utilized 310/312 of the Paladin skill tree. In the Cleric tree, I do not see any other skills that are worth adding, and hence I added to Justice Power.
That’s all for now. Feel free to comment.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. why dont you post a pvp build and pve build. From what i have seen this looks more of a pve build.

    • Thanks for the comment. We don’t play much PvP at all so we don’t have much experience in this field. We welcome anyone to submit PvP builds to us and we will review it and post it on the blog. We apologise for not being able to help.

  2. What weapon do you think would be better for a Crusader? A mace or a flail?

    In your expert opinion of course

    • I wouldn’t say Im an expert because Im still learning like everyone. I only know certain information earlier because I played on CN/TW server. =D

      As a crusader, I assume you will not be using the kick build. Since you will be using sacred hammering often, the attack speed of the weapon doesn’t matter. So a flail will be better since it gives better crit. A mace is more useful in dealing fast hits without sacred hammering. It will be better in PvP too. But Im not sure about sacred hammering in PvP. If it does work well too, maybe a flail works well too.

  3. Also, which class do you think is “better” in general and more fun to play?

    A Crusader or an Inquisitor?

    Thanks again.

    • As for this question, I prefer not to comment =D. Do watch videos on both classes and determine which one u prefer. Do you want range/melee? Look at their animation too.. see which one you like as well.

  4. just a fyi the kr tree form the event isnt inaccurate. god withing is much more dmg and utility than thor’s hammer while still going crusader for the holy cross dmg

    • Do you know that to be a Crusader, one has to add Thor’s Hammer rather than God’s Within? Or is this a misconception that I have?

      Correct me if I’m wrong, by giving me reliable sources of the information. Thank you.

      • You dont have to have the ultimate of the class your going into just kind of gimps you since its a requirement to get the skills other than the EX i dont have any sources just info from a freind who plays KR DN and mains a crusader. Pretty sure soon as they release the rest of the tree most crusaders who are using god within will have to reset there skills since it will most likely be less dps then. i also read something on some forums talking about how all crusaders dont take thor’s hammer ill look around for it again and see if there was any info there that i missed and ill get back to you

      • Oh I see. Well, do get back to me once you have the info =) One of the speculation I had was that, once you got yourself into a Crusader class with Thor’s Hammer, use the Skill Reset item and then add into God’s Within. It will not affect the Crusader’s skills because none of them has Thor’s Hammer as a pre-requisite. I do prefer God’s Within over Thor’s Hammer too =)

        PS: Only some (or most of the) other 2nd jobs require their ultimate in order to learn their 2nd job skills.

    • Hey if this is true, would yo mind posting a recommended build for the Crusader skill tree using god within? ^-^ thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Yeah I’m really deciding right now whether to go Paladin or Priest >.<

    Tough choice, that's why I wanted your opinion on it haha

    I'm fairly new to this game ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really like how Paladins play like, but I also like the play style of Priests

    • Whoops, sorry for double posting, meant for this to be replied in the “Which is the better class”

      But anyway, which one do YOU think personally? ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. i would like to ask you few question~ coz till now i still confuse want to go for STR or INT?
    can someone tell which one is better? coz now currently im at lvl 18 at sea server… and i found out the holy relic damage quite good but for my normal attack is low… and i always crowded by monster =( and izzit provoke really that usefull? than other skill in paladin to max?

    • Equipment doesn’t really matter until you reach higher levels. If you really want to prioritize, judging from the fact that you posted on a Crusader build, I suppose you are going for a Crusader.

      A Crusader prioritizes more on magic abilities, and hence you should prioritize on INT and Magic Attack. Your various magic skills like Holy Relic and Smite will then have good damage with great AOE but that comes with a middle to long cooldown time. You will definitely have to compromise on your Physical Attack if you are prioritizing on your Magic Attack. Same goes to Guardians who prioritize more on Physical Attack and STR. Their various big AOE skills will have lower damage, but they gain stronger single target DPS.

      Being a melee class, you will definitely get crowded. The only thing is how you are able to utilize your “Slide” well to avoid damage, and did you forget your “Block” skill? You can block off a few hits once you cast that skill. Use it when you are approaching a huge group of monsters. However, do note that it may disrupt some of your skills being casted if you block in the middle of the casting animation.

      Provoke is extremely useful in Dark Lair, and various hard-difficulty Nests. I can’t really explain its usefulness by words, but probably you will understand it in game.

  7. Ok! Thanks for the help! then i will be going INT^^ and i will using flail all the way~ because it is slightly longer range while attack~ thanks!

  8. Hey,

    I currently playing in Dragon Nest SEA (Cherry Credit), i wan to go Magic DPS Crusader because i love damage.

    Anyone mind sharing
    – Magic DPS Crusader Build (Is this build good?)
    – Flail or Mace
    – Item ( all Magic attk? and Int? )
    – Plates

    I have research a lot on google and pally (paladin) is the only class i really cant figure out

    • – Crusader is a class that prioritize more on Magic.

      – Flail is more for PvE, while Mace is more for PvP.

      – Take a look at the posts on Weapon and Equipment prefixes. You should be able to find your answers there.

      – Take a look at the post under the Heraldry Section. You may choose Holy Cross as one of your skills heraldry since it is going to be your EX skill.

  9. Thanks a lot !

  10. Just a few noob questions, does Sacred Hammering stack with Weapon prefixes? If yes, is (Bear)’s Stun/Para reduction useful or should I go (Intellect) instead?

    Also, why isn’t Sacred Hammering maxed out?

    • I am not sure about the weapon prefixes issue. Sorry. I am also in a dilemma too.
      As for Sacred Hammering, it is rather a waste of SP to max it in my opinion. It will be more useful learning those skills in the defensive track so that you will be able to function as a off tank. The increment in damage don’t seem that great too.

  11. Is this a physical or magic build?

    Is 6 SP enough for block? or should have more?

    If I’m going for the magic build, should those kick skills be of lower priority since I assume that they uses physical?

    How useful is Aerial Evasion in a PvE environment?

    Is having higher SP of Max HP or MP more important in the magic build?

    • Crusader = Magic, Guardian = Physical.
      If you think you need more for block, you can add. You may need a few more levels in this if you are playing off tank.
      Yes, magic build don’t really focus on kicks.
      There are many mobs and even bosses that can have attacks that throw you in the air. You will definitely need Aerial Evasion to regain posture.
      For me, I will choose HP. Survival is more important.

  12. sir will you teach me, i need to focus on magic attack or power attack?

  13. thx sir for the solution

  14. hey thanks a lot for this guild !!! really appreciate it .. i’m new to dn and i play SEA server ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Erm , Why did you add Skill Point into a Shield Charge? for Crusader :O

  16. hi, are u gonna change the build back to the original? since it’s actually not wrong. You can add god’s within even if you are a crusader

    • If you actually take a look at the actual top korean voted crusader build, you will realise the skills added are pretty much like what a main tank (Guardian) adds. The advantage to it is that it has a strong EX aoe skill. He even added Elemental Aura instead of Conviction Aura. Provoke gets to Lv7. Stance of Faith Lv5.

      On the contrary, he has only a low level Armor Break, probably only added to get Shield Charge. He didn’t even get his pwning godly flying hammer in his 2nd tier.

      What I can say is that, he’s playing a Guardian in the Crusader class. I will post an analysis on the original if more of you request for it.

  17. Is it advisable to skip out on Shield Charge and Armor Break for a Crusader? Shield Charge seems to be a big loss but Armor Break won’t be that big as you won’t be dealing a lot of extra damage on that -% armor and the SP spent can be better put in higher levels of Sacred Hammering and Lightning Charger.

    Also, would it be advisable to not go beyond Stance of Faith in the Shield Tree and go as a “pure” attack Crusader?

    • In this manner, you are simply just another DPS class. It may affect some players’ decision in getting you in their nest teams (if they need a tank). You may think that they can find another Guardian to tank, but Crusaders can perform as a sub-tank as well if anything goes wrong.

      Nevertheless, you are still free to experiment with this build.

  18. Hi Sir,

    May i kindly seek your advice, on which type of gear should the crus be aiming for, since you said they are able to act as a sub tank.

    Should i be looking on a full set of gear with Vit or a full set of gear with full Int?
    and, would you kindly share on the enchantment to be equip to?
    eg, heraldry enchantment, on which type should we be looking at?

    Thank you so much in advance,
    Looking forward for your kind reply.

  19. Im a lvl 50 Gladiator on CN server, and just started a paly on NA server

    I made a PVP build for Crusader, take a look and leave some comments please ๐Ÿ™‚|144$306$50&ifr=crusader.html

    I cant decide whether to use flail or wand. Most CN Crusaders use wands as it attacks faster and is easier to combo with. Whats your opinion?

  20. I posted the wrong build oops
    heres the one:|141$309$50&ifr=crusader.html

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