Bowmaster/Sharpshooter Heraldry Plates/Crests

What are the suitable Heraldry Plates/Crests for Bowmaster/Sharpshooter? As you know there are both Stats-based Heraldry and Skills-based Heraldry. I would not be talking about ALL the plates available, but just what I consider is good for Bowmasters, and some other possible alternatives.

Note: I do not have the names of all the Heraldry Plates from DN SEA. I will be using my own translation from the CN/TW servers. Nonetheless, I will explain what the plate does, so you will roughly get the idea which Heraldry Plate it is.

Firstly, let’s talk about Stats-based Heraldry. The most important few plates would be

  1. Fatal – Increases your Critical Chance by a certain amount. I believe all attack classes will use this plate as one of their 8 choices. Critical ignores defense, so that is what makes Critical so important. Being an Agility class, this Heraldry amplifies the Critical stat by a larger amount compared to other classes.
  2. Physical Attack/Magic Attack – Depending on the build you are using for your Bowmaster, pick one of them. This amplifies your attack stat by a huge margin. Being Hybrid, you can choose to use them both at the same time, but you would have to sacrifice another Heraldry for it.
  3. HP – Increases your HP by a certain amount. Bowmaster is low in HP, and hence HP is very important. When you are using HP/Vitality equips, this plate will increase your HP by a lot more.
  4. Wind – Increases your Agility Stat by a certain amount. Bowmasters’ primary stat is Agility. Using this will increase your critical and physical attack by a good margin.
Subsequently, these are the possible plates that I would pick.
  1. Vibrancy – Increases MP regeneration. There are times when I often run out of MP after spamming my skills through dungeons. This plate helps me to continue attacking without worrying.
  2. Final Attack – Increases the damage of all your combo hits by a certain amount. How does this Final Attack works? It increases the damage of your “Hits”. Which means if a skill generates a 60 combo upon one cast, this plate will increase the damage of the skill by 60 X (A), when A is the stated amount on the plate.
  3. Wisdom – Increases your Intelligence Stat by a certain amount. If you are a Magic Bowmaster, this would be useful in increasing your Magic attack. However, this would only help a lot if you are using Intelligence Equipment. For my Bowmaster, I used Agility Equipment while using Magic weapons. So this plate is just a possible option for me, as I prioritize Agility over Intelligence.
  4. Vitality – Increases your Vitality Stat by a certain amount. This would increase a little of your HP and Defense, UNLESS you are using equipment that boost Vitality by a huge margin. Then, this plate will increase your HP by a huge margin.
  5. Undaunting – Increases your Paralyze Resistance Stat by a certain amount. This reduces the chance of you getting hit to a state in which you won’t be able to move for a slight duration
When you are really rich, try to get yourself a 3-stat Heraldry Plate. If you have ever gotten one in CBT, you would have seen a Stat Heraldry giving you a random additional stat in it. When a good additional stat is imbued within a good Heraldry Plate, it would usually cost a bomb. Either use it, or sell it for gold!
Secondly, for Skills, these are the
  1. Extension Arrow/Scope Arrow – Must-have for Magic Bowmasters. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production.
  2. Charged Shot – Must have for Physical Bowmasters. Pick the cast time reduction choice in the Heraldry Production. Your skill will be casted much faster.
  3. Guided Shot – Must have for ALL Bowmasters. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production.
  4. Arrow Shower – Must have for ALL Bowmasters. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production.
  5. Twin Shot – Superb add-on to your short cooldown DPS skill. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production.
  6. Piercing Shot – Some Bowmasters choose to use this, but for me I wouldn’t. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production.
  7. Spirit Excellation – Pick the cooldown reduction choice in the Heraldry Production.
I know this sounds like common sense but, only use the plates if the skills are of your main concern. E.g. Don’t use Charged Shot Heraldry when you are a Magic Bowmaster.
Feel free to drop any comments below.
PS: I will update the names once OBT is out.

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  1. Hello, thank you for the guide. I was wondering what immovable is on the NA servers though.

    • Hi there. I am unsure what the name immovable refers to in NA, but let me describe the effect in detail for you. Perhaps you would be able to figure out the name yourself.

      The higher the value you have in this stat, you will be more unlikely to be knocked down, or get interrupted while casting certain skills. Supposed you are using only normal attacks, and when enemies hit you, there are times when your attack will stop for probably 0.5 seconds or more, but there are also times you can continue to attack without any interruption. That is what I am referring to.

      Hope this helps. Cheers.

  2. Is stun chance important?

  3. Quick question: Why would you craft a plate reducing the cooldown of Spirit Excellation? The duration is already six times that of the cooldown, so isn’t it rather pointless to further decrease the cooldown?

  4. for a magic artillery build char,which stat heraldry is better,agi or int?

  5. hi…im a noobie.
    can i ask a question about bm builds??
    i’m wondering what your saying about agi type bm and int type bm.
    physical type and magic type bm…
    my char is a bm.i would like my char to be a magic/int type bm..
    how can i do that??

    • AGI type = Uses lots of AGI, INT type = Uses lots of INT
      AGI = Physical, INT = Magicial
      To be magic/int type, use intellect equips, wisdom+magician heraldry, more magic-based skill heraldry.

      • i
        thanks a lot..
        just another question…
        what type would be the one that deals more damage???agi type or int type??
        thanks a lot..
        been reading a lot bout your reviews and guides…
        it helps so much..specially on noobies like me..hehehe
        thanks again

  6. is magic bm deals more DMG than physical bm???
    what skills should i get and what lvls should i leave them if i want to be a magic or physical bm???

  7. i have a question…. what extension arrow is?? is scope arow??

  8. you mean… what is extension arrow??? is it scope arrow?? =)

  9. Hi again, do i need multishot heraldry for bm? -12%cd or 20% damage.

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