Analysis of Top Guardian Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Guardian Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

  • Guadian Force: Consume 3 “defence tokens” collected to activate.  Phy damage 330.4%+1094  to surrouding target and give party members a protection barrier that will absorb damage up to 16410 damage at Lv2. Maximum duration of the barrier is 15sec. CD is 45sec.
  • Auto Block EX: When attack is blocked successfully, a “defence token” will be gathered.  Each “defence token” increase 2% str and 2% int up to the maximum of 10 tokens.
  • Justice Crash: Jump and smash down to deal phy dmg 472%+1906 at skill lv 1. CD is 33sec. Invincible while casting.  Can be activated in air by pressing spacebar. 100% chance to stun the target but will not deal critical damage.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the skill build.


  • Shield Blow/Lightning Upper/Charged Volt – Optional attack skills that some paladins may or may not prefer to increase their levels. As a more defensive PvE player, the player has left them at pre-requisite.
  • Heal – Some paladins chose to put this just at Lv1, or even not adding this at all. For this player, he has maxed this skill. Why? Lv1-Lv7 only increases the Y number, while Lv8 and Lv9 increases the X number (Heal X% of HP + Y). Being a Guardian, which is also the main meat tank of the party, the HP is naturally high. Coupling this with Divine Avatar, the HP gets insanely high, and this would mean an extreme healing amount. Being a tank and a sub-healer, what other class can match this?
  • Toughness/Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training – Maxed for best possible defensive and regenerative capabilities.
  • Direct Kick – As this player is focusing a lot of its defensive capabilities, he has given up on the dual kicking capabilities. Nevertheless, a Direct Kick spam may be sufficient too.
  • Sliding Knee Kick – I have mentioned that this is more of a PvP skill. Hence it is left unadded.


  • Provocation – I have mentioned this is the Paladin’s guide. Being a pro-defensive player, Lv6 or Lv4+Crest is a must. Levelling it any higher would be wasteful though.
  • Divine Ascension/Divine Vengeance – Similarly, I have mentioned this in the Paladin’s Guide. It improves the defensive capabilities of Paladins, but not meant to be a DPS skill. Pre-requisite and Lv1 are recommended.
  • Stance of Faith – Placed at Lv5, instead of Lv7 when Lv50 cap is released. I would say it is due to an insufficient of SPs, or simply that the additional time granted would not be that useful compared to increasing other skills.
  • Elemental Aura/Conviction Aura – A Lv5 Elemental plus a Lv1 Conviction!? He isn’t joking. Even though Paladins are primarily a Light attack/defense player, adding Elemental Aura gives you superior offensive (For Elemental Lords) and defensive capabilities (For Everyone) in the Sea Dragon Nest. For example, the Sea Dragon Boss is weak to Fire-Type attacks while strong in Water/Ice-Type attacks. Magma Boss is weak to Water/Ice Type attacks while strong in Fire-Type attacks. If your aim in playing a Guardian is to conquer the Sea Dragon, this build would be the way. However, note that another Paladin (Crusader or Guardian) with a maxed Conviction Aura should be partied along with you.
  • Armor Break/Smite – Placed at Lv9 and Lv1 respectively, definitely due to insufficient SPs.


  • Guardian Force – A strong attack with an ability to grant a protective barrier to surrounding players. Increasing it to Lv2 gives you a stronger barrier with nearly 3000 more damage absorption.

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. This is Str Paladin or Magic Paladin ?

    • Hi, advancing as a Guardian will naturally make you focus more on str/physical attack. The reason why magic attack skills are learnt till smite is for improving AOE capabilities. Smite’s damage calculation involves physical damage as well so even if you just focus on physical, Smite still benefit from it too. Of course, if you prefer a pure physical with better defensive ability, you can ignore some of the magic attack skills if you want. You can find out more on various different builds on forums. Or I can post the links here for your reference if you need.

  2. i’m thinking of using this build.. is it advisable?

    • I would advise you to try every skills a Paladin has before coming to a decision of whether to follow this build or not. This build should not be blindly followed. Every player may have different preferences. As I speculate that a free skill reset would be given when 2nd job is released, you are fine to experiment with other skills that are not mentioned to add, but you feel that it may be worth adding.

  3. hmm i tested a few skills, but still kinda lost, any tips?

  4. then this build wont use sacred hammering ?? that much?

    • As you can see Sacred Hammering has a magic-based attack, and Guardians are physical-based. I would not totally ban the use of this skill, but it is definitely not a skill worth to be added high for Guardians.

  5. Can you please post a PVP build too? cuz im more inclined to take kicks and leaving divine combo out of my build… what do you think of it. I’ll give you a link.|126$309$50&ifr=guardian.html

    i left the HP and MP modifiers out, because i simply dont feel like i need them, kinda on the edge about the HP tho.

    i put 3 points into sliding knee kick for the second kick, was i right, maybe that breaks combos? thoughts on that.

    umm yea, any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks 🙂 GREAT thing you got going on this blog btw.

    • Currently I am still brainstorming with my partner on what we should do for our blog. We may not be posting more skill builds as of now.

      Before beginning commenting on your build, I would like to emphasize that Guardians are meant for PvE and tanking. If you want PvP, choosing Crusader may be a better choice. I don’t have much experience on PvP, hence I can’t really give you any good comments.

      However, I would like to highlight some points for your build,

      1) Your Block Lv3 is too low. It should be at least 5 or more
      2) You may want to lower your Heal to Lv1, since you’re adding Sliding Knee Kick. If you insist on Lv8 Heal, it would do fine too
      3) Highly recommended for you to add Physical Mastery and Mental Training. I have commented on this in the analysis
      4) Provoke at Lv4 is not recommended unless you use an Epic Heraldry (for PvE). In PvPs, you may not even need this skill at all.
      5) Pick one of the auras and max it. Kinda useless if either of them are not max-ed. Max Elemental Aura for PvE, Sea Dragon tanking. Physical Paladins do not benefit much from Conviction Aura as compared to Crusaders.
      6) Your Stance of Faith is too low. You can’t tank well at all.

      Overall comments: If you’re going for a full-attack PURE PvP Guardian, your builds seems okay. However, it is definitely not suitable for PvE. Normal dungeons may work for you, but for nests of extreme high difficulty like Sea Dragon, Dark Lairs, you will really suffer a lot.

  6. Apparently he has no Holy Kick, but he clearly uses it against a mimic around 00:45.

  7. would it be a good idea if i followed this build?

  8. For Guardian Force, would it absorb 16410 damage for each player with it, or 16410 altogether?

  9. hihi, i been doing a lot of research to paladin/guardian. Personally, i would like to take double kick build to maximize my dmg dealing to ease my leveling while i giving up my conviction aura. Here are some questions that i found confusing:

    1. Is amount of threat generate by Provoke is same in any levels? cause i been listen to my friend who playing korean version, they said Provoke level is doesn’t matter as long as make sure Provoke is on along the battle, the dps threat wont go higher.
    2. Is stance of faith worth in higher level (>5) ?
    3. and finally,|138$312$50&ifr=guardian.html , please leave a comment on my build ^^

    p.s. My major objective on my guardian is to conquer sea dragon and dungeon running as main tank

    • sry post wrong link, should be this|138$312$50&ifr=guardian.html

      • You will need Counter Blow.
        Higher level on Aerial Evasion is better also, preferably at 3 or 4.
        Lv 1 for Mental Training will be useful as well, if you have good gears with mana regeneration capability then maybe you can ignore this skill if you really want.
        As mentioned, your objective is to conquer SDN as a main tank. So you may want to follow a pure tank build which will not learn the magic skills until Smite. A pure tank build can be found here.

    • From TW forum, provoke needs to be at higher level in order to generate higher threat. It has been said that even a lv 5 provoke + A crest compared to a lv 7 provoke + B crest, the latter is better. Normally people put Stance of Faith at lv 5. Higher level can be useful but it depends on your gameplay as well. You may want to look at this discussion thread on cherry credits forum. I am asking question there as well.

  10. hey, i was wondering if you could give me some feedback on this build that i’ve made, it’s a physical guardian that mainly tanks but also deals damage.|161$289$50&ifr=guardian.html


  11. is this a pure tank build? coz i want to use this skill guide that you posted 🙂

  12. hello again sir.. i have a question. look at this site .. do you think its a good build for tanker? or should i also include smite?.. thanks

  13. What Weapons, use this build?

  14. In the video he has direct kick with crests for speed, yet the build and what you say about direct kick says that he doesn’t have it.

    • I would like to emphasize again that the Top Korean Builds are obtained from a Korea Event. And the videos shown are taken from a youtube user and the builds are not what he actually uses. I apologize for any misunderstandings caused.

  15. Ehmm, i have a question

    Sets Options “Need (Str)”?
    Weapons Options “Need (BEAR) or (HARSH)?

    bad english

  16. hi, its me again.

    previously, u suggested me a link ( for a pure tanker build, but im kinda disagree with him, because he got conviction aura to lv4 which i think that it won’t be needed for a physical type guardian.

    In the mean while, im agree with in ur reply that a pure tanker/physical guardian wouldn’t need any magic skill while we just playing around with armor break/ shield charge/ dual kick/ provoke/ several shield block skills

    So, this is my another guardian guild (pure tanker/ physical),|154$296$50&ifr=guardian.html

    please do comment on my skill build ^^, ur reply will be very much appreciated

    • It looks perfectly fine, except for the fact that your SPs used on Holy Kick are really pretty wasteful. I would prefer using them on Holy Bolt, even for a Lv1 Holy Bolt. Remaining SPs, you can choose to increase your Auto Block too.

      • haha, its my own personal view, holy bolt somehow more often appear on pvp, and yes again, agree with u that auto block should be max out. But i know what u are concerning on, a 1.5 sec might be crucial time to save a teammate which is one of the tanker’s responsibility.

        So i have made some changes, this will be my final build|151$299$50&ifr=guardian.html

  17. Sir could you post a hybrid build? tnx ^^

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