Analysis of Top Sniper Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into the analysis, I will show you the new 2nd advancement skills for Sniper. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite forum.

  • Charge Shot [EX] – Improved the damage of charge shot. AOE increase by 30% and damage increased by 30%.
  • Critical Break – Passive. 13% Chance to deal additional 20% damage for critical hits at lv2. CD 1sec.
  • Ambush Point – Summons a flower to attract mobs and most bosses for 45 seconds. Damage can be ignored.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top Sniper skill build voted in Korea.


  • Twin Shot/Piercing Shot/Multi Shot – As you can see, the player has left Twin Shot at Lv1 and instead, levelled both Piercing Shot and Multi Shot high. I assume that the player did not use Twin Shot as frequent as the other 2 skills. For me, I would level high either TS+PS, or TS+MS.
  • Mental Training – This is added high because of Critical Break will consume 0.4% of your MP every time it procs. I would recommend at least Lv1 to keep your MP sufficient.


  • Charged Shot EX – Lv11 Charged Shot is required to unlock this skill. The player has increased this to Lv12, it could be due to an excess of SPs.
  • Spirit Excellation – Added to Lv6 to maximise the increment of Agility due to better equipment and higher character level.
  • Shower/Guided Shot – Maxed Shower, and a Lv6 Guided Shot. Being a Sniper your Magic Attack is naturally low, but how could you give up on such an incredible skill like Guided Shot? In my opinion, I would sacrifice 1 level from CS EX, and max Guided Shot.
  • Ankle Shot – Maxed for long binding duration and physical damage. I have mentioned its superiority in my Bowmaster Guide earlier on.


  • Critical Break – Lv1 has 10%, while Lv2 has 13%. In my opinion, you can spend the SPs elsewhere if you think 3% increment isn’t that much.

Physical Bowmasters are a class that highly requires a Hybrid build as compared to other classes. Shower has to be used carefully, same goes for Siege Stance. Aerial Chain Shot is usually used for evasion/distraction, and your only spammable skill under the Bowmaster tree is Charged Shot EX. It is highly unlikely for you to deal high DPS if you only use Twin Shot+Piercing Shot+Multi Shot+Charged Shot EX.

At the moment I could not think of any other arguments for the build. Feel free to comment and ask any questions.
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


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  1. The skill build picture is too small for viewing.

  2. Dragon Nest Noob xD

    So would this be considered a hybrid skill build?

    • Yes, it can be considered as hybrid. It is just a matter of priority on Physical or Magic.

      • Dragon Nest Noob xD

        So what changes would you recommend for a more Physical based build? I’m not really looking to have the most optimal build, Physical is just more appealing to me as my own play style.

      • I’m so sorry. I guess I kinda missed out your reply.

        The spammable physical skills with decent-to-good damage/dps would be Twin Shot, Piercing Shot, Binding Shot, Charged Shot. Hence these are the skills that you should prioritize. If you are unsure which levels to put them at, check out the skill simulator and see what differences do it make by placing them at different levels. Just like the example I have given for the case on Charged Shot stated above.

  3. You should totally do an analysis on the top gladiator builds!

  4. in the post dont u mean an analysis of the sniper build not moonlord? got me so confused i was like watt???

  5. I have to say that this is one of the worst skill builds I have ever seen.
    1) Piercing shot over Twin shot? Seriously?
    2)I see no reason to add arrow rain above level 3 because the scaling is horrible.
    3)Leaving evasion skills at 1?
    4)Critical break level 2? Why waste your SP on just 3% increased proc chance?
    5) Owl’s rage? What for?

    • Hi there. Thank you for the comment. As I said, this is only an analysis of the top voted build in Korea.

      Perhaps I can elaborate a little further for your questions.
      1) Choosing Piercing Shot over Twin Shot is naturally for its piercing effect that does damage through group of enemies, as compared to Twin Shot who only hits 1 target. I would say this player aims more on the PvE route compared to PvP since Twin Shot is more for one-to-one situations.
      2) You are wrong to say this. If you actually took a look at the Skill Simulator, Lv1 to Lv3 only adds the Y value ( X% + Y). However, at Lv4, the value of X increases by 1. And this 1% is not just 1% increment of the entire Arrow Shower. It is 1% PER arrow. As I have played a Bowmaster/Sharpshooter before, Arrow Shower usually deals about 60+ hits on a target (assume almost every arrow hits). That is a whooping 60%.. So is the scaling still horrible?
      3) The evasion skill you are talking about, I would assume it is Aerial Evasion. Aerial Evasion is only added as high as possible if one PvPs often. This re-emphasizes my speculation that this build is for pro-PvE players. Clearly this player is more of a PvE player, which there is almost no situations you will get flipped in the air that often in PvE.
      4) I do agree with you on this. If you have read my analysis clearly, you should have seen that I had actually recommended that this should only be placed at Lv1.
      5) I assume you are talking about the skill that raises your chance to score a critical. This is only used when your critical value is not high enough to get most of your hits as criticals. I would also leave this skill out as well, or simply add this at Lv1 and reset it when my critical value is high.

    • so what would you recommend?

  6. what bow suit bowmaster better?

  7. in this video he use crossbow rite?

  8. Hi there. Would like to ask the capped level for this build is at? Looks good for me to follow since i’m new but I dont think i have that many SP since SEA now capped at 24 level.


  9. Thanks for the fast reply. It helps a lot.

  10. HI! cool guide..sry im pretty new at this but what kind of armor and weapons do you encourage to get for hybrid bowmasters? as in like more AGI or more INT items? or more physical damage or more magical damage items?

  11. dragon nest newbie

    juz curious which weapon is suit for which type as in like xbow for artillery and bow for sniper or otherwise

  12. Hi, May i know u are play which type of bowmaster? priority on Physical or Magic hybrid?

  13. Hi..
    do you have your own sniper build guide???
    where can i find it???
    i want to be a pure damager…like big crits and damages..
    can you help me how to build my bm to be like that..

  14. should i make my sniper an agi or int type?

  15. Hi, may i ask why is bulls eye not added? I’m just curious,as most of my guild mate ask me to add it.

  16. Hi, is sniper a class that focuses more on physical dmg or magical dmg? cause i am not sure on what sort of equipment to get.

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