Let’s talk about the 8 different classes! (Part 1)

Are you still wavering on which class to pick? Fret not! In this post, I will be describing some brief characteristics of all the 8 different classes. More precise skill builds will be posted in the upcoming posts.

Before I continue to describe all of the classes, one thing to take note is that there are 2 different kinds of attack in Dragon Nest. If you take a look under your Stats screen, you will see a Physical Attack, and a Magic Attack. For almost all the classes, there will be BOTH Physical and Magic skills under your skill tree. The only ones who don’t are Acrobats, Force Users, Elemental Lords, Mercenaries and Priests.

Sword Master

As the name suggests, Sword Master only uses the sword weapon. Most of the Physical skills are close-range, while most of the Magic skills are long-range. Usually players will be adding skills for both trees because this gives them more skills to use while waiting for other skills to finish cooldown. However, only 1 of the Lv40 skills can be added. The Physical one features a series of many different fast-paced attacks, the Magic one conjures several gigantic waves that can sweep through the enemies. In a skill build that consists of 2 type of attack skills being added, will be referred as the Hybrid build.

Magic Sword Master solo Cerberus


Mercenary only has Physical skills. They use Axe and Hammers as compared to Sword Masters. Their 2 different Lv40 skills consist of Whirl Typhoon and Gigantic Bomber. In Whirl Typhoon, the Mercenary creates a huge Typhoon around himself while attacking his nearby targets, while in Gigantic Bomber, the Mercenary creates a few shockwaves in front of him to attack.

Mercenary solo Manticore

Elemental Lord

Elemental Lord can learn both the Fire and Ice types of attacks. Fire based skills can burn the enemies, making them suffer damage over time, while Ice based skills can slow enemies down rendering them easy to target. The 2 Lv40 skills are similar in terms of their big AOE, however the Fire skill attacks enemies in front of the Elemental Lord, while the Ice skill attacks her surrounding enemies.

Elemental Lord solo Manticore

Force User

Force User has both Light and Dark skills. Light skills are more based on damage, while Dark skills are more based on debuffs. They have also Time-based attacks to slow or even stop enemies from moving and attacking. An incredible add-on would be the Time Acceleration skill which is able to reduce cooldown of skills by a huge margin. Both of the Lv40 skills are similar as well, one being Meteor Shower, while the other being a series of lasers shooting at one big area.

Force User solo Apocalypse

PS: Credits to all the video uploaders on YouTube for the different videos shown on this post.

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