Top 2nd Job Skill Builds (From Korea)

Hi guys. I saw a thread today on the Cherry Credits Dragon Nest forum. It was about an event that had Korean players voting the best skill build for each classes. I will be posting the most voted skill build for each class. As you can see, they are the top voted ones so they may not be a 100% good build. Please do not follow these builds blindly, and determine the skills that most fit your style of gameplay. You can also pretty much see that, some of the builds have sacrificed being a Hybrid build to maximise the efficiency of their main skills.

Without further ado, let’s see each of the builds.







Wind Walker










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  1. Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned 🙂

  2. The picture of the skill build for gladiator is the same for moonlord.

  3. oops sorry about that, i made a mistake -ignore the previous post-
    thanks for the guide though and lots of information, great job

  4. Do we get skill resets upon changing jobs at lvl 15? I sort of leveled a skill that I’m not going to be using much. 😦

  5. can we get another reset skill after level 15? mm.

  6. Nice guide for skill build. Just wondering, do we get another skill reset for 2nd job advancement just like the 1st one at lvl 15?

    • I’m not quite sure, but it is high likely to be.

      • i see. thanks.. i’m wondering that coz i’ve basically messed up my build hahaha.
        i’m playing priest and i don’t really like sliding kick that much.. sometimes i think it is pointless. care to disagree with me and explain why it is leveled up to 3?

      • Lv3 gives you an extra kick. This skill is mainly used for PvP. The player may have found it quite useful in his gameplay. As for me, I probably won’t add this if I’m going to play as a priest.

      • i see.. my alt is a merc planning on becoming axe destroyer.. why do you think that the inerveting howl and battle howl is not learned? what i can think of is that those skills are useful for PvP.. guessing these builds are for PvE only?

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