Let’s talk about the 8 different classes! (Part 2)


Bowmasters have both Physical and Magic attack skills. Physical skills have longer cooldown, while Magic skills have shorter ones. Again, usually all players will add both type of skills to allow more skill spammability. The Physical Lv40 skills is a series of numerous shots at one go, while the other a huge winged arrow that explodes within a huge area.

Magic Bowmaster solo Apocalypse


Acrobats, unlike Bowmasters, have only Physical skills. All Acrobats basically go dual track (Hybrid) as they need almost all the skills to perform necessary evasion. Because of having these evasion skills, their DPS loses out to Bowmasters. However, their survivability is definitely one of the best on the hands of skilled Acrobat players. One Lv40 skill is a series of numerous attack skills, while the other is a fast casting air-plunging attack.

Acrobat solo Cerberus


Paladins are arguably the best class in terms of survivability. Not only he has various defensive skills, he has decent attack skills as well. His skills differentiates into both Physical and Magic as well. To be more of a tanking class, he can choose a Lv40 skill that grants him invincibility and huge attack bonus for 20+ seconds. To be better in terms of offensive capabilities, he can choose a huge AOE hammer attack as his Lv40 skill.

Paladin solo Cerberus


Priests are everyone’s best friend. As you know grocery potions do not heal much, and potions that dropped from mobs are quite rare as well. With a priest in your party, your survivability is pretty much guaranteed with various heals and buffs. They usually go dual track (Hybrid) as well because pure healing may seem too boring for a intense action gameplay. Nonetheless, you can pick your own way to play as priest, getting a Lv40 skill with a huge AOE lightning attack, or a miracle relic to defend your party against all odds.

Priest solo Manticore

PS: Credits to all the video uploaders on YouTube for the different videos shown on this post.

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