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Minotaur Nest Guide

Minotaur Nest

  Every week, you can only enter Minotaur Nest for 7 times. It drops crafting materials required to make Epic Grade Equipment (You can see them under Item Production over at the Blacksmith). If you want to find out how many times you can enter Nests, you can press “O” and go to the “Nests” section to check. Entering Nests also won’t drop your Blessing Point values.The entrance to the Minotaur Nest is at「Lower Ridge」. If you are unsure of the location, you can press “M” to look at the world map.。As for the requirements for entering the Minotaur Nest, you need to be level 24 and above. Your party members have to satisfy this requirement as well. Another requirement is to have a Minotaur Nest entry item called “Red Army Commander Seal” before you can enter the nest. To obtain this stamp, you have to complete dungeons in