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[Guide] NPC Gifting

This guide is written by Remi from DragonNestSource Forum and I take no credit for it. I find this guide quite useful so I decided to share with you guys.


So you’re wondering why you should gift NPCs, well for one they give you items in the mail when you become closer to them, most of the time they contain gifts that could help you at the time being such as crude gems.

They also increase fraction points towards the group they are in, in which you exchange those points in order to craft certain items. Some NPCs will even give you a discount as you get full friendship with them.

Throughout gifting, you’ll also be able to talk to them and ask/answer questions, try your best not to click rapidly as most people do, you are trying to find the best answer to get more fondness with them. Giving a wrong answer will increase their aversion.

Eventually you’ll reach 2 noticeable areas where they give you a gift which will increase more fondness as you give each gift, keep this until they reach 100% and then you can sell it to the NPC if you please.. The other gift is a memory regenerator where you can hear their voices, I usually keep the amazing ones like Kevin and Irine and NPC the rest.
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