Minotaur Nest Guide

Minotaur Nest

  Every week, you can only enter Minotaur Nest for 7 times. It drops crafting materials required to make Epic Grade Equipment (You can see them under Item Production over at the Blacksmith). If you want to find out how many times you can enter Nests, you can press “O” and go to the “Nests” section to check. Entering Nests also won’t drop your Blessing Point values.The entrance to the Minotaur Nest is at「Lower Ridge」. If you are unsure of the location, you can press “M” to look at the world map.。As for the requirements for entering the Minotaur Nest, you need to be level 24 and above. Your party members have to satisfy this requirement as well. Another requirement is to have a Minotaur Nest entry item called “Red Army Commander Seal” before you can enter the nest. To obtain this stamp, you have to complete dungeons in
abyss difficulty because a Dimensional Rabbit will appear. If you open the Dimensional Rabbit Treasure Chest, you will have a chance to obtain the “Red Army Commander Seal”.
Entrance! Press M to check your location.
Dimensional Rabbit Chest gives a chance to obtain the Red Army Leader Stamp.
All members must be Lv 24 and above to enter the Minotaur Nest.
In the Minotaur Nest, you can only used revive yourself a maximum of 5 times using life stones or resurrection books. It is highly recommended to form a party to clear this Nest. Not only it increases your chances of success, you and your party members can also collect crafting materials together.
After entering, you will see 2 minotaur bodyguards dozing. Walking closer to them will wake them up. However, these 2 minotaurs are rather easy to kill. Finishing these 2 bodyguards, you will enter the main arena.
Abyss mode! Wake up the 2 bodyguards!
The first wave will be small minotaurs. Even though they have low attack, you still need to be careful because they can charge at you out of a sudden.
The fearsome red-armored Bull Leader! Many minotaurs from all directions!
After the first wave, there will be more types of monsters that will appear. Other than minotaurs, orcs with shield and tribe magicians will appear as well. Other than the frontal attacks of the minotaurs, you will need to be careful of the magicians too.
Increased numbers for 2nd wave. Using AOE skills!
Finally the 4th wave, the 2 larger size minotaurs appear. They have high attack and there will be black elves helping them as well. You have to clear the 2 minotaurs as fast as possible. If not, the black elves can resurrect after they die. If the 2 minotaurs die, the 2 black elves will disappear. And now, the final boss, General Ummanba, appears.
Bull rampage when gate opens. Big minotaurs with high attack and speed!
Players must be careful to avoid the continuous attacks of the boss. Maintain a distance from it if you see it on the process of casting a skill. When it roars and gives out a blue aura, do not stand in front of it. Other than causing damage, it will weaken you. When it gives out a purple aura, it means that it is going to deal a critical hit. When using this skill, it will be in the process of channeling. You will have to avoid this skill at the right timing. When the boss gives out a red aura, it is increasing it’s attack stats significantly. During this moment, it is your best chance to attack.
Big minotaurs are terrifying! BOSS【General Ummamba】appears!
General Ummanba has also another skill which throws axes continuously. It is also a range skill. You have to keep moving in order to avoid them.
General Ummanba appears in front of you! Don’t stand in front of it when it gives out blue light.
Boss is going to deal painful hits when you see purple light. Good chance to attack when you see red light!
Avoid the throwing axes! Complete!
Upon completion of the nest, you will be able to get high ranked crafting materials from the chests like Pasu’s Powder of Epic Grade. Various epic heraldry plates/crests also drop as well (to be confirmed when SEA releases it).

Crafting materials in the chests!

Do note that this guide is adopted from an old guide, also shortened and edited by DNB to fit into the new updates. There may be changes to this in the future.

Credits to http://wiki2.gamer.com.tw/wiki.php?n=13180:%E7%89%9B%E9%A0%AD%E6%80%AA%E5%B7%A2%E7%A9%B4%E5%9C%B0%E5%9C%96&ss=42383&f=M

You can refer to this guide for more tips on Mino Nest. http://forum.cherrycredits.com/forum/topics/view/guide-minotaur-nest/page:1

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  1. Hi, do we need to use a dimensional key to get the entry item? Thanks for the guide 😀

  2. must we do the abyss mode to get the crafting materials? or any mode will do?

    • You get various powders easily in Master mode. As for other materials like Loose Belt, Chain of Death Fragment, I am still unsure of the exact mode since it rarely drops. Sources state that both Master and Abyss mode drop them.

  3. I’m surprised how you get to pick two chests, has this feature not been implemented to NA version? Or perhaps it will not be introduced in future?

  4. The picking of two chests is related to an NX item that allows you to view one chests color, then actually pick what type of chest to open.

    I’m going to add on to your walkthrough/guide here. It should be noted that your number of weekly runs is only spent upon completing the nest. Assuming SEA is unlucky like NA was and has their end chest removed, this will be helpful for farming powders (the two mini bosses drop them) to upgrade the Elf Queen and Ancient Sets.

    Although the dark elf enchanters that spawn with them do revive, its important to note that they cast powerful spells that’ll slow (blue aura) you down significantly or give the bosses an attack and speed buff (orange/red aura) Do your fastest knock down skill to interrupt them. If you do happen to kill one they will always drop a consumable item (herb, meat, buff.)

    For Ummamba’s long buff animation, if a merc happens to be in the party he should take this opportunity to debuff it (the buff is actually casted the moment the animation begins, but gives you that 5 second window to lay a bea tdown or debuff.)

  5. does everyone in the party need a “Red Army Commander Seal”? and will it be consumed or just keeping it in the inv will give access to the Nest?

  6. Does the monster drop any money or loots when killed?

  7. is it possible to finish the nest by going solo?

  8. Is the chance of getting a Red Army Commander Seal is high? or is it extremely low?

  9. So how does that ‘7 times a week’ work. If I disconnect in the middle of fight, will that be count as ‘1 time’? Is the ‘1 time’ be consumed upon entry or as we clear the dungeon?

  10. Hi erm i was just wondering is there anyother way to acquire red army seal other than rabbit boxes which i had no luck in recently….

    • Rabbits appear at the end of every abyss dungeon and the seal should always drop. Although! there was a glitch with the item graphic in NA where the item would actually be invisible on the floor. This wasn’t fixed until the actual release of the nest. So after clicking the bunny try picking at the floor randomly and you may find it.

  11. any abyss will do??

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