Analysis of Top Inquisitor Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Inquisitor Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite for the skill description.

  • Shock Transition: Passive skill. When dealing light-attribute damage to shocked target, there is a 33% chance to inflict shock status that last for 5sec to surrounding 5M of enemies and causes additional mag damage  82% at skill lv2.
  • Lighting Arrow EX: Increase 50% damage, shock chance and AOE.
  • Consecration: Lower 10% light resist of surrounding enemy and deal mag damage 687.6%+5285 at skill lv1. CD 35sec. Large frontal AOE, deal continuous damage. However, the superarmor while casting this skill is extremely low.

Now let’s take a look at the skill build.

Basically, this is a full offensive build which sacrifices many useful supportive skills like the various relics and buffs. This build depends on Priests, or rather Saints, for their higher level buffs which in turn can benefit the Inquisitors damage. If Inquisitors were to learn buffs and relics as well, their attack skills will have to be at a lower level, which in turn deal lower damage. However, you can also choose to be a half support-half DPS if your playing style is different. Like I mentioned before, all these Korea builds are meant for references.


  • Block – Ignored. This build optimizes damage as high as possible. But I wouldn’t do this because I like to play safe =) Block can be extremely useful in certain situations.
  • Charge Volt/Holy Bolt – Both raised to very high levels to optimized damage.
  • Sliding Knee Kick – Lv 3. Probably for PvP. It was added to Lv3 for an extra kick. Lv1 only kick once.
  • Toughness – Lv 2. Excess SP are probably used  here.
  • Aerial Evasion – Lv 3. The max level is 4 at character lv 50.


  • Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning/Electric Detonation –  All max-ed to optimize damage.
  • Grand Cross/Holy Bust – Also all max-ed to optimize damage.
  • Relic of Lightning – Only at lv 1. Probably to add on to the DPS while you are spamming other skills. Also helps in PvP.
  • First Aid – Lv 1 for PvP purposes?


  • Shock Transition – Lv 1 in this build. 30 or 33% of shocked status. 80 or 82% additional damage. You decide.

Well, if you’re playing this build, you may be discriminated. (Don’t quote me =D) Because as a priests, people expect you to heal. People are practical. If you have a Saint in your party, it will most likely be fine =).  However, people may rather want an archer or sorceress for higher DPS.

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  1. sorry for asking this at here, since there have no general topic.. i curious what will happen if i death during quest? deduct exp? where can i see the rescure scroll left? can i buy back?

    new to dragon nest, please let me know
    thanks >.<

    • If I am not wrong, there shouldn’t be any reduction of exp if you die in dungeons. It will only cost you points that you have accumulated, which will affect your ending dungeon ranking (B,C,A,S,SS,SSS).

      The rescue scroll is located right below your character picture icon on the top left corner. There are both Blue and Red scrolls. Blue are automatically given 3 or 5 free everyday. They automatically refreshes everyday. As for Red, they are “premium” scrolls which are only given when you purchased them from cash shop, or got them through events. They won’t refresh, but stay within the same exact number everyday unless you get them through cash shop or events.

      Blue can only be used to revive yourself, while Red can be used to revive both you and your teammates as well.

      PS: You don’t have to double post. We will definitely reply to your questions. =)

      • thanks For you information ~ really appreciate 🙂 ~ sorry for double posted. because while i refresh the page, there are some error, the comment are not showing. so i post again..sorry about that.

  2. Is this build good for PvP?

    • I would say yes and no. Firstly the damage skills are all high level and they will be painful. However, it lacks buffs and relic of heal so it may not be good for survival.

      • Sir thanks for the advice. I would like to seek your opinions on how i can tweak this build into a more pvp-like build. Or are there any Pvp Builds for inquisitor you can recommend?

        Another question is, why do you not go for relics?

  3. This build doesn’t even correspond with the video at all… Please edit the build

    • Hi, as you can see, all of the 2nd job videos are taken from the same youtube user. It will be hard on our part that we have to correspond every video to the exact build that the video uploader is using. Besides, he did not even post his build in the youtube link. The reason why we show videos is just to showcase the 2nd job skills. Furthermore, if we edit the build, it won’t be the top voted build from the korea event. We hope you can understand our difficulties and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

  4. Isn’t Sliding knee kick lv 1 enough? 138% + 36 vs 139% + 70 on lv 3
    you could save up to 4 sp and go for other stuff like 6/10 toughness instead of 2/10
    what decreases your physical dmg taken up to 17%

    • Lv3 gives you an extra kick for the skill. That is the difference between placing it at Lv1 or Lv3. I forgot about this point and I edited this post already. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. HI how about the crest?what should we add for this build?please advice. TQ!

    • Since this build emphasizes fully on your offensive abilities, naturally you will need crest for your main attack skills. I am not sure if there are any new crest for 2nd job skills so I will just list the ones for Cleric+Priest skills.
      Lightning Bolt, Charge Volt, Electric Detonation, Heaven’s Judgement, Grand Cross, Holy Bust.
      As for their respective options to either increased damage or reduced CD, you need to think what fits your playing style best. If you think you will have certain spare time of not using any skills but you want to spam, you can try reduced CD option. If you are fine with their CDs, you can choose the dmg increased option.

  6. Do you have a recommended Inquisitor build? Like maybe the healing relic set to a certain level?

  7. ERm is saw the video the guy used bind relic should i go for it? or just leave is at 0?

  8. If I wanted to leave healing totem at level 1, which skill should I take some SP out of?

  9. Is Vengeance Blast not good enough for PvP?

  10. this is really an offensive type.. good build

  11. Hi wondering, what if i pump lightning strike? I pump till lvl 8 and lvl 3 relic with lvl 1 heal at lvl 24. I took out out the sliding knee kick?

    • Are you referring to one of the starter cleric skills Lightning Upper? I can seem to find Lightning Strike in the skill tree simulator. If yes, don’t waste SP on that skill.
      You can take out sliding knee kick if you want. This build learns it for PvP. If you deem that in PvP you will not need this skill, feel free to skip it too.

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