Analysis of Top Elestra/Ice Witch Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Elestra/Ice Witch Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

  • Ice Barrier: Summon an ice barrier to protect yourself (receive no damage) . The maximum damage absorb is 135% (PVE) or 94% (PVP) of the caster magic attack at lv2. When the durability of the ice barrier hits 0 or after 15sec has passed, it will explode and freeze the surrounding targets for 2.5sec. CD 60sec.
  • Freezing Sword EX: Improved version of Freezing Sword. Very large AOE.
  • Ice Spear: Summon an ice ball that shoots ice spears to deal magic damage 426%+ 5616 in all directions at skill lv1. CD 49sec.

Here’s a video showing an Elestra/Ice Witch completing a dungeon. Her skills are not added based on this build.

Pure Ice Skill Build (21 SPs left)


  • Glacial Spike/Poison Missile – Glacial Spike is maxed while Poison Missile is almost maxed. As you can see from the build, it is pretty much a pure-ice build. While Poison Missile is an incredibly good skill, being an ice-type attacker, Glacial Spike also does significantly good damage with good AOE and low cooldown. It also has a chance to freeze a target. I think I have mentioned this before in the Elemental Lord Guide.
  • Shock Wave – More of a defensive than a DPS skill, that pushes enemies away from you. I guess an Elestra has the best possible crowd control abilities with all the slows and freezing, this skill may seem optional.
  • Counter Spell – Similar speculation as Shock Wave. Due to good crowd control abilities, this skill may seem optional.
  • Mental Training – I believe the remaining SPs should be invested here, or at least at Lv1. Having various skills pumped high, MP consumption is definitely an issue for the player.

[Elemental Lord]

  • Frost Wind – You may be wondering why this skill is maxed. This skill may not be a DPS skill, but it has superb slowing abilities (and probably greater AOE). Mainly for PvP usage. PvE conscious players may just put this at Lv1.
  • Glacial Wave – When levelled high, it has higher freezing duration. During PvP, if this skill is levelled high, you will be able to chain 1 or 2 more skills upon freezing your enemies successfully without them escaping the ice trap. However, if your opponent has extreme high water/ice element resistance, your freezing duration will drop draatically.
  • Icy Fraction – Since this build is so focused on Ice, Icy Fraction is maxed so the sudden damage outburst would be tremendous.
  • Ice Shield – Pre-requisite would do since Elestra has another Ice Barrier defensive skill.
NOTE: That EL build with pure ice was an Elestra build. The uniqueness of Elestra is mainly her ice debuffing skills. If she were to add more fire-based skills, she will not have sufficient SPs to increase her own ice-based skills high.Why add ice skills high? Why not leave it at pre-requisite and enjoy complete flexibility within skills? Why not have both Fire and Ice type attacks so you can have dual elemental advantage? Here are the reasons.

  1. The higher the level of your skills, the attack increment is higher with the same amount of SPs used. 4 SPs may be required to increase a Fire skill for 3% + 500 damage, but 4 SPs to increase a Lv8 Ice skill main increase 4% + 1200 damage for that skill. This is just an illustrative example.
  2. Some Ice skills will increase the duration of freeze, resistance amount or slowing effect. This will give you more time to chain your combos on a frozen target.
  3. AOE increases for some skills as well. This means you will be able to debuff more enemies easily.
  4. Usually for your equipment, you will be focusing on a single element enhancement. If you have played DN from CN or TW, you should know quite many players chose the Dark element. For Elestra, it would be likely that your equipment will based solely on Ice, and not a mixture of Ice and Fire. Your Ice skills will be highly enhanced with your equipment compared to your Fire skills.

Still, there are players who try to incorporate both Fire and Ice despite being either Elestra or Saleana. There are just multiple alternatives to build skills.


  • Ice Barrier – Placed at Lv1. Lv2 grants an additional damage absorption from 15% of your magic attack without any duration increment. Assuming your magic attack is 4000, 600 is the new increment and this seems a little insignificant.
  • Ice Spear – Not added, or considering to add with the remaining SPs. This skill isn’t that great in damage during PvE situations as compared to Saleana’s Rolling Lava. It seems more of a skill disrupting skill in PvPs.
Any comments?

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  1. I have poison missle and glacial wave heraldy ( Rarity Magic) and was wondering how i shld make the heraldy, dmg or CD/Duration debuff

    • For Elestra, poison missle is optional. If you intend to level your poison missle very high, it may be a good heraldry to use if you use dark element equip. Pick the damage one.

      As for glacial wave, it is recommended as a PvP heraldry. There are other good heraldrys for Elestra though.

  2. Any suggestions for hearldrys i shld look for instead? since u dun seem to suggest me using both of those heraldys :O

  3. can you analysis for elestra hybrid??? that’s pure ice..==

    • For Elestra Hybrid, there are really many skill considerations with respect to a hybrid, even at 2nd jobs, such as getting dual shield (fire+ice) for better survivability, and firewall for being a skill hard to be interrupted. Furthermore, if you’re going pure hybrid with many skills left at pre-requisite, your skills will not do good damage in PvE. The damage increment at higher levels are much better than adding another skill.

  4. and for heraldy? i still noob and i don’t which skill is highest damage ..

  5. Frost Wind? is that skill have a great damage? or something? you said frost wind can slowing your enemy but, if heraldy increasing damage it’s not useless??

  6. and glacial wave for damage or debuff???

  7. what music plis … in thats video EL ice ..

  8. Hello.. i was wondering … can an elestra have a fireball ?
    hehhe because the damage of fireball is superb but i want to be an elestra.. :(((

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