Analysis of Top Tempest Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Tempest Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

  • Kick & Shoot EX – Improved superarmor, moving distance and AOE.
  • Evasion – Passive skill. 21.5% chance to evade an attack at skill lvl 2. After evasion, certain skill can be chained into it:  Spirit Flame, Spinning Top and Spiral kick.
  • Hurricane Dance – Powerful kicking combo. Invincible while casting. Can’t be cast without a target. Silence the target. Ignore Shield Block and Invincibility (including avatar, stance of faith and evasion stance) . Phy Dmg 792%+2338, CD 37sec at skill lv1.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the skill build.


  • Twin Shot/Multi Shot – Being a melee class, levelling Multi Shot high is understandable. However, the player did not increase his Twin Shot high. I would believe that the player seldom uses Twin Shot, and only uses it as a filler.
  • Magic Arrow – As I have mentioned in the Acrobat Guide, this skill is more of a PvP skill. In this case, this player is primarily a PvE player.
  • Mental Training – Having levelled several skills high, the MP consumption is naturally high. This must be added to at least Lv1. I believe almost all classes will have to add this skill.


  • Eagle’s Descent – This skill can deal incredible damage at high levels. A decent AOE skill.
  • Blooming Kick – Placed at Lv4 rather than Lv6 for a 100% chance stun rate. I believe the player would not be relying on the stun rate that much for a dual Double Flying Kick.
  • Whirlwind Kick – Acrobats are also another class that heavily relies on skills from both skill tracks. This is placed at Lv1 to ensure the usual attack combo and flexibility.
  • Spirit Boost – Placed at Lv4 instead of Lv5, because Lv5 only increases a mere 2% speed without any duration increment.
  • Spiral Vortex – Placed at Lv3. Because Acrobats really needs all the available attack skills, they are heavily short of SPs, and hence this skill could not be raised high enough for a good damage dealer.


  • Evasion – Lv2 only has the evasion rate increased by 1.5%. I believe the SPs can be better spent elsewhere.

That’s all for now. Feel free to drop in any comments.
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. This is awesome dude thanks so much

  2. Dustin Belcher

    I can tell you have points in magic arrow but cant tell how many. Could you let me know how many points you have put in there please.


  3. hey, this might not be completely related to ur post but . i recently found an epic plate for the skill kick shot (the lvl 11 skill on the top right of ur acrobat tree ) ( increase 20% dmg ) and also blooming kick ( 16% reset chance) is it really worth to use either of them or should i keep the slot open for another better* heraldry.

    and also if you could please clarify what are other must have heraldrys.

    (more of a pvper) if thats effects ur answer

    • Kick & Shoot should be at the top left tree.

      But anyway, it would be good if you use the Epic Plate for Kick & Shoot. Blooming Kick is not really recommended.

      I have posted various other recommended Heraldrys under the Heraldry Section. Feel free to look up for it under Acrobats. Thank you.

  4. Is this build from the guy in the video?
    cause he jumped like 5times with air pounce and I recall you’ll need lvl6 air pounce to jump 5 times o_o

    if it’s not, can I have his build or the link to his build? thanks a lot 🙂

    • This build is not from the guy in the video.

      And did you confuse this Tempest with Wind Walker?

      Wind Walker has Show Time, which reduces the cooldown of most passive skills. Since Air Pounce is passive, that Wind Walker can do unlimited Air Pounce as long as he can jump on the enemy.

      As for this Tempest, I don’t think I have seen him jumping 5 times with Air Pounce. I may have missed it though.

  5. Which “Korea event” did you get these builds from? I’ll have to try this build out but I was just curious as to how you got these.

  6. Will you be able to summarize what the windwalker and tempest have as advantages and disadvantages?

  7. I heard that you have to stand still to activate the evasion (Source: Oreo comment.

    If you cast skill or MOVE? the evasion skill is not applicable. so why choose tempest then if i cant evade while casting skill or moving? Can you CONFIRM This?

    Why there are top tempest and not windwalker in pvp in CN and KR?? windwalker is so much better if the evasion would not work while moving/cast skill. I have dillema which is better for PVP. please clear my head, thx u..

    • I have not played a Tempest before, and hence I cannot confirm this. I presume Oreo is an experienced player, and there he may be true?

      In any case, if it is true, there are situations where you won’t be casting skills or moving. Did you forget that there are times when you can get knocked down, knocked back, or even being knocked into a stunned mode? How about being frozen by ELs or timelocked by FUs? These are critical situations when Evasion can save you.

      Actually, Tempest is being deemed better than Wind Walker in terms of PvP. There is a contradictory thingy about Acrobats though. Astral Illusion is a more of a PvE skill, but its 2nd job is more of a PvP class. Likewise for Wind Walker. Let me explain a little more about why Tempest may be better in PvP.
      1) The explained situation about the Evasion skill I have written earlier on.
      2) Hurricane Dance gives you invincibility throughout the animation, and that can silence your opponents as well.
      3) Kick & Shoot EX has great superarmour now.
      4) Wind Walker is good in terms of mob gathering and mob clearing (Binding Shot+Rising Storm, Spiral Edge), and hence her PvE aspect would be stronger (perhaps mass PvP too).
      5) Wind Walker’s Show Time is not a good skill in PvP unless you can use it EXTREMELY well. Afterall, the skills that you will be using to chainlock your opponent will have more active skills than passive skills. Show Time only helps a little in this aspect. In PvE, probably it does a lot better when you can stay in the air for like 10 seconds.

      That is all that I can temporarily think of. Feel free to ask more questions.

  8. Hi,
    Is it not wise to add a point into magic arrow for knockback?

  9. Is this build a PvP build???

  10. any chance for a larger res pic of the build? Thanks 😀

    My comments on this Tempest build: I believe that the Tempest is inclined for PVP purposes (especially mass PVP) especially this build but I must say it still is effective in PVE.
    Maybe I will try to lvl the TS high enough as well.

    DNB, is there an optimal level for the Twin Shot (level high enough for it to be good enough and still have Multi-shot high enough as well)?

  11. here is my (to be tested) Tempest Skill build. I just tweaked the build presented in this article.
    No SP left but I was able to balance TS (10/20) and MS (12/19)|154$306$40&ifr=tempest.html

    kindly suggest what needs to be tweaked.

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