Analysis of Top Barbarian Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Barbarian Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

Barbarian Skills

  • Heat Combo: 12% Chance at lvl2 to inflict additional phy. damage equal to your attack status. CD 7sec.
  • Stomp EX: Enhanced version of Stomp, with improved AOE. The 2nd wave of stomp EX deal 30% additional damage and also induce slow effect.
  • Bone Crash: Leap into the air and deal phy dmg 395.6%+1740 at lv1, cd 35sec. Induce “bone break” effect which deals additional 239 damage  per hit for 10sec. Damage increase applies even if the target is hit by your party member. Direction can be controlled in air too. 

The video below shows a Barbarian solo-ing a quest dungeon.

The video shows how Heat Combo actually works. When you dealing damage, if there is an extra line of damage that is equal to your attack stats. That is the activation of the skill. For example, if you are using Whirlwind, and the damage numbers goes like 500 500 500 2000 500 500. This means that the 500 comes from the Whirlwind while the 2000 is your attack stats, the damage is triggered by Heat Combo. As for Bone Crash, basically to fully utilise it, after casting BC, you should use a skill which deals many hits at one time, Whirlwind in particular. The damage is raised by 239 PER HIT. You may be wondering why not Whirl Typhoon, doesn’t it do many more hits compared to Whirlwind? Yes you are right, but from a video I’ve seen. There is this Barbarian who used BC on manticore and then use Whirl Typhoon. However, I did not see the increase in the damage per hit. I may be wrong on this though. Those who are playing in other servers who know how this works can comment below.

Alright, let’s take a look at the build.

Before I start, I wish to state that this build given is mainly for PvE because certain skills like Rising Slash and Drop Kick, which are good in PvP are ignored. The build shown also has 23 SP remaining.

Warrior Skills

  • Circle Break – Ignored in the build because Mercenary has really too many skills to spam.
  • Impact Wave – Ignored because of same reason as above and it is a magic type attack skill.
  • Rising Slash – Ignored because Mercenary has really too many skills to spam.
  • Heavy Slash – Lv 5 in this build. Pre-requisite for skills in Mercenary Tree.
  • Relieve – This skill was raised to level 4 because of the lower cooldown, but not max-ed on 5. Points were used on Dash Kick.
  • Dash – Lv 5 max-ed.
  • Dash Kick – Lv 3. I am not sure why this is added because it seems like a useless skill. I would use the SP from here on Drop Kick or Rising Slash or Relieve. This skill is learnt probably as a consequential attack after Dashing. Normally, people would use Dash Upper to attack right after Dash but since this build wanted to focus more on howls, there isn’t enough SP to add Dash Upper and Soccer Kick Combo.
  • Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training – In this build, all 3 skills are max-ed. Personal preference again to see if you need SP else where. Refer to discussion on other Warrior Skills above.

Mercenary Skills

  • Taunting Howl – Lv 4. Probably added for additional duration and better debuffing capabilities. Another Barbarian build which I am in favour of is the one in MMOsite forum. He is one of the strongest Barbarian in DN CN and has killed the Sea Dragon before. He added lv 10 for Taunting Howl. Do check out his guide for more reference. I realise it really makes quite a big difference when this skill is raised high. Duration 15 seconds, cooldown 25.5 seconds. Debuff damage by 20% and critical by 40% and the skill is usable again after just 10.5 seconds. Simply Amazing.
  • Stomp – Lv 11 to unlock Stomp Ex.
  • Disenchanting Howl – Lv 3. Better debuffing. Nuff said.
  • Battle Howl – Lv 4 instead of max-ed. Probably needed more points in Taunting Howl and Disenchanting Howl for balance.
  • Whirlwind/Rolling Attack – Both only at lv 3. This build focuses more on support, that is why the damage is not taken into consideration.
  • Iron Skin – Lv 5. From lv 4 to 5, the increase is 2.5% and not 5% from lv 1 to 4 per level. That is the reason why some people may prefer to stick to lv 4 and use the SP elsewhere.
  • Panic Howl – Lv 1. Personal preference whether to increase or not.
  • Devastating Howl – IMO, lv 1 is enough but this build is at lv 2.  As mentioned in the MMOsite forum build given above, this skill is only at lv 1. Combining it with lv 10 Taunting Howl, it debuffs 100% damage. Even the Sea Dragon is not immune to this combo. Awesome!

Barbarian Skills

  • Stomp EX – Lv 1. To learn this skill, Stomp is at lv 11 with 40% speed debuff. With the enhanced AOE and additional 30% damage, this skill seems like not a bad skill. But there are people who don’t like it as well, thinking that it is not necessary. Previously while playing Force User, I tried using Slow Area at lv 1 with 40% speed debuff and I don’t really see much a difference. Maybe it is just me. Judge by yourself if you want this additional speed debuff and 30% damage or do you want better supportive capabilities by improving your howls or even better damage by improving your Whirlwind and Rolling Attack.
  • Heat Combo – Lv 2 for 12% activation chance. If you think 10% is enough, reduce to lv 1 instead.
  • Bone Crash – Lv 1. Please please don’t drop this skill. It is a very important skill. Looking at the description and you will know how much it benefits a party.

Reference Builds

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. Any chance you could formulate a Hybrid Barbarian Build? One that could do well in PVP and most significantly in PVE? Thanks in advance 😀

    • ^ Oops, what I meant to say is a Hybrid Barbarian build that is leaning towards PVE but still can do well in PVP. I am more of a PVE player and still deciding on going for a Destroyer or Barbarian and so I need guidance from experienced players. Thanks a lot 😀

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