Analysis of Top Gladiator Build (From Korea)

DNB: I would like to emphasize that this build is extracted from the Korea event, and it is not meant to be an exact 100% good skill build. As you can see from the title, it is an analysis.

Before going into analysis of the Top Gladiator Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first. Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite.

Gladiator Skills

  • Evasion Slash: Rotate backwards to avoid enemy and launch an attack. Can be triggered during any skill motion even if in air. Invincible while casting. Phy dmg 250%+954, CD 25sec at Lv3.
  • Triple Slash EX: Enhanced version of triple slash. New attack combo by using right clicking instead of left clicking.
  • Finishing Attack: Knock down your enemy and deal finishing blow. Phy dmg 350.2%+2584. CD 35sec at Lv1. If target’s hp is below 40%, increase the skill dmg by 2% for each 1% of hp left.

The video below shows a gladiator solo-ing a quest dungeon.

Alright, let’s take a look at the build.

This build is a hybrid one which learns magic skills until Half Moon Slash.

Warrior Skills

  • Circle Break – Lv 1 in this build. Not worth adding high also. As mentioned before, Gladiator has low Mana pool. If you are using a hybrid build, which is also the case for this korean build, your mana may run out fast if you are spamming too fast. So take note when you are spamming magic skills.
  • Heavy Slash – Lv 7 in this build. I am quite surprised to see this. The reasons I can think of is that it is a skill with only 10 seconds cool down. Useful as a filler and for spamming purposes.
  • Relieve – This skill was raised to level 5 because of the lower cooldown.
  • Dash – Lv 4. Another surprise for me. It is not max-ed. If you don’t mind having a slower dash, you can put your SP elsewhere too. For me, I will use the SP from Heavy Slash here.
  • Physical Mastery/Mental Mastery/Mental Training – In this build, all 3 skills are max-ed. Personal preference again to see if you need SP else where. Probably higher on Rising Slash. Lv 6 is the minimum level to execute 2 hits.

Swordmaster Skills

  • Crescent Cleave – Lv 5 in this build. As you can see, all the magic skills are learnt till the pre-requisite level except for this one. This is because Crescent Cleave dishes out 5 sword waves instead of just 3 at lower skill level. The magic skills are most likely learnt for crowd control purposes and not for spamming since your main attack stat will be physical.
  • Parrying Stance – Maxed at lv 4 in this build. An additional duration of 6 seconds can be helpful as well.
  • Hemorrahage – Maxed at lv 8 in this build. Maximising debuffing capabilities.
  • Line Drive – Maxed at lv 7 for highest damage.
  • Triple Slash – Lv 6 in the build because to obtain a hybrid build,you will have insufficient SP to learn this skill higher to unlock the EX version. Besides, there are people who don’t like the EX version of the skill as well. The EX version doesn’t increase the damage. It only makes you stay where you are while using Triple Slash with high stiffness. Another point is it can attack knockdown-ed units. So as you can see, the benefits ain’t that great. The remaining SPs left are just used to raise Triple Slash for optimal DPS. But Triple Slash EX can be quite useful in terms of PvP.

Gladiator Skills

  • Evasion Slash(ES) – Lv 1 in this build. The SP is used in Heavy Slash (HS). Maybe the reason why the SP is used in HS instead is because the cooldown for this skill is 25 seconds while HS is only 10. If you multiply the damage for HS by 2, the % damage is 318%, higher than that of ES, which is 245%. It is also good to have new physical attack skills to use. From the Swordmaster physical track, you know that only Triple Slash, Deep Straight and Line Drive are the main skills you will use. Line Drive has long cooldown. Hacking stance depends on situation whereby mobs don’t move or they are dizzy (eg. Boss Mob: Manticore). It has a long cooldown also. As for Aerial Combo, it needs you to be in the air. Consistently using skills will be quite difficult to achieve if you are not playing hybrid build. Besides, Evasion Slash can be activated in any situation and also helps in avoiding damage. A very good skill!
  • Finishing Attack – You can only learn till lv 1 at lv 50. Another new attack skill. Very useful when bosses are low in HP.

Ok folks. That’s about it. Feel free to comment and correct my mistakes if any. =)
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. You’re the greatest for putting this up so fast :D.

    I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering.

    1. Where are you finding these builds? (I want to search for a physical gladiator, not a fan of hybrids)
    2. As a physical Glad, what equip bonuses should I be stacking?
    3. What crests should I be aiming for?

    Sorry if it’s a lot, I’m just really eager to get better at the game.

    PS: The skill picture is unclickable.

    • No problem. I was just getting slightly lazy of updating and you requested for a post. So I decided to proceed with it =)

      1) All the korea builds are found from a korea site. Some other builds are found in MMOsite forum while most of the 1st advancement guide that we’ve written are created by us. If you have played the version from other countries, you will have some experience and slowly know what to do with those skill trees. You can try play around with the skill simulator. If you don’t want to play a hybrid, simply ignore the magic track or maybe learn a few of the magic skills for crowd control if you have excess SP.
      2) If you have looked at my post on Item Prefix for Weapon, you can see that the option that you have is either Destructive or Life. If you want damage, go destructive. For higher survival, go for Life. Since DN SEA is not released at the moment, I can’t really give much experience on which one is better. As for armors, I will be make a post soon. Logically, you will be looking at stats that add your physical attack, defense or HP, depending on which one you prioritize or you wish to mix around. I am also not sure if these new item prefix is available for only lv 50 items or it will be changed for lower level items as well. We will see when DN SEA is out.
      3) As for crests, you can take a look at my post on Swordmaster Heraldry. I am not sure of the physical skills crests available yet but if there exists, you can use Triple Slash and Line Drive. As for the other 2 remaining skill crest, you can choose Dash and maybe the Infinity Edge one. As for stats-based, it is also mentioned in that post.

      Picture edited =)

  2. Oh and one last one, What armor and weapon upgrades would you recommend for a physical glad? (Brutal, Windswept, etc.)

    • I don’t really understand your question because in the previous comment, you mentioned about equip bonuses. Isn’t it the same as armor and weapon upgrades? If the new prefix effect is only for lv 50 items, then the brutal and windswept stuff you are saying is the ones that I see while playing DN TW previously. You should aim those that aim mainly the physical attack stat prefix. Im not sure of the English name because DN SEA is not out. If you are low on gold, you can then look at the prefix that add a mix of physical and magic attack. The difference in physical attack between the 2 prefix is more significant at higher enhancement, which means like +7, +8 etc. As for armor, aim for Bear prefix for str stats.

  3. Brutal: increases paralyze resist for armor and increases chance to paralyze opponents for weapon.
    Windswept: increases critical resist for armor and increases chance to crit opponents for weapon.

  4. Hey would you mind posting up a purely physical glad build? If its not to much trouble

  5. How do you know how much SP to pump into a skill to maximize damage, as well as be efficient in having other skills, e.g. an Inquisitor tree, i really like holy bust but i don’t know if maxing it would be really useful.

    • Well firstly, take into considerations like cast time, cooldown and superarmor etc. And then look at the increase in damage per level raised in terms of % and numbers. Another thing is whether you have enough SP for other skills. You need to think carefully before adding them. So using ur Holy Burst as example, the cast time isn’t that long, which is fine. But it has a 40 second CD, which is long. At level 1, the damage is 320%+606. So you compare this skill with other attack skills. Look at the CD. Look at the XXX%+XXX. Which skill is more efficient? Therefore, you may want to shift the excess SP to the more efficient skill.

      At the same time, you must prioritise what skills that you want to max first. For instance, being a inquisitor, you’re still a priest. People depend on you for healing. So you may want to prioritise healing skills and max-ed them out. Subsequently, look at supportive buffs. How many levels do you want them to be? Does increasing it by 1 level make much of a difference? Etc etc. Hope this info helps.

  6. Quick Question

    Hey, what hidden potentials and stat bonuses would you recommend looking for if I were to follow this build?

  7. Is it good for pvp also?

    • Hi, I would say this build works well in PvP too because of 2 reasons. 1) It is a hybrid build so it has magic attack skills like Moon Light Splitter or Cyclone Slash that help in PvP. 2) It also has PvP skills in the warrior tree like Drop Kick and Sweeping Kick.

  8. Oh yes, does parry stance doubles the chance of the parry passive skill, or does it definitely ensure a successful parry?

  9. Seems Semi-hybrid might be the best version for Gladiator than Pure Phy or Pure magic,
    Since this game depends on your Both Hand ( still not ignore your gear ).

    At least, Do you got any opinion about “End Game Life Cycle” or maybe “level 50 Life-cycle” ? remember just your opinion…..not have to be 100% fact, cause still this game still farway from ending…

    I really need it to analyze furthermore….and i need to learn another classes. Ty 🙂

    • Im not sure what you mean by life-cycle. If Im not mistaken, you’re talking about the things that you can do once you hit the max level cap?

      If that’s the case, basically you will be starting to farm harder Nests for set equips, for instance, Sea Dragon Nest Set. Other things that you can do is PvP, guild PvP and farming. The farming here is not farming for equips. There will be a new system like planting something and then you get certain items. As to what are they used for, I have no idea yet.

      • what i mean life cycle, a common sense such as,(e.g)..
        ++ Gladiator weak against smasher…
        ++ Paladin is about 50 : 50 against Destroyer….
        you know stuff like that…

        Even though that things will not do impact in reality or 100% correct ( well since this is a Action type game), I’m sure there are some major factor about those life cycle…

        I decided towards to Hybrid Gladiator, because it has so many combo to keep enemy down, well the damage will not max, but as long as enemy is knockdown, stay on chain combo. anyone could be slain…

        BUT, no perfect char on game huh… 🙂
        from your experience, what classes that will most hardest to face by Hybrid-Gladi ?
        why is it ?
        any solution ? maybe weapon mode or Gear mode ?
        any tricks ? Initiate with magic atk first? Rush towards to enemy then bang bang bang?

  10. May i ask why Ex triple slash not good “?

  11. Thanks for replying btw… I think its possible to max dash cuz when i used the skill simulator there are some sp still unused

  12. hey could u help me figure out what sort of equipment i need? I wanna go with this glad build but currently in na were still at the 24 cap so wanted to ask what would u change ect… is it ok to post a tinypic link here =O

  13. i think its good to leave the heavy slash by lvl 1…
    i dunt like something hybrid… well yes sumtimes hybrid is good…

    but still i like a full phy gladi….
    cuz i dunt have to divide my gear potential into both phy-atk and mag-atk..
    its save more money….

  14. Hi I’m playing dragon nest sea.
    I got a lot of things to ask.

    1stly which build is the BEST for pvp and pve
    If you tell me there’s no best but see what you like.
    I like high damage build or good for bossing.
    Can you show me one?(dragon nest sea)

    2ndly what type of weapon/amour should I buy?
    And what hidden potential should I get?

    3rd what is vortex 7 and stuff?

    4th what is the effect of skeleton sword(bear)
    Skeleton sword(harsh)

    Overall just tell me a build for high dmg good for bossing/
    Semi good or good for pvp please reply ASAP!!!!

    • Wow thats really many questions. I dont know answers to everything but I try to help whatever I can.
      You may want to follow the build in this Top Voted Gladiator build. If you want to modify yourself, you can go through the explanations I have given in the post too. A hybrid build makes you very versatile.
      For prefix effects, I am not so sure yet. But the hidden potential, you should aim physical attack, HP, vitality.
      If I am not wrong, vortex 7 is to make your equip straightaway +7.

      • OMG thanks for the fast reply.
        Ok I don’t really know how to change it myself can you help?I just want super pure damage for bossing.
        My armor is current like
        3.75%stun or something
        9.75%para or something
        6.50%max HP I know max HP is good but for stun and stuff I’m not sure.
        Cause I wanna pure damage
        If I revert it to 4.50%str 6.50% max HP for all my amour will I die easy in boss?
        I like to run boss not really into pvp

        Btw what is bear,harsh,iron wall,and stuff?

        And how do you get vortex 7?

        Is there a fast way to get old?
        Like agate farming or something?

  15. Something like him

  16. Can you also tell me what premium plate should I buy?
    I got triple slash 20% damage for my premium skill plate.
    Which are the plates I should buy to increase my dps

  17. I will post links my my eq and current skill build soon.
    Hope you can help.
    I’m super duper noob._.

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