Achieving SSS for Dark Tower Magic Institute

As you can see from my earlier post, there are several ways in doing so. I will explain how to achieve SSS easily in the Dark Tower Magic Institute in this post.

The party would be good if you have at least 2 or more range classes, I.E Archers and Sorceresses. They should bring with them a weapon bought from Borin (The Blacksmith NPC). For Archers, buy a Short Bow as it provides fast attack speed. For Sorceress, any will do. Buy one that has the lowest possible attack. If not, a Paladin with the Golden Hammer skill will be a good combo achiever. See the below video.

Just use your full power killing all the mobs in the dungeon until you reach the final BOSS stage. As you enter this stage, you will notice the huge BOSS, a couple of yellow spiders beside it, and several eggs around them. For the non range classes, proceed to destroy all the eggs and spawn the smaller spiders. Kill all of them, including the yellow spiders too. For the range classes, equip yourself with the Borin weapons and spam normal attack on the BOSS. See the below video. The video has taken out the normal attack gameplay though.

As the BOSS has a slow attack animation, it is extremely easy to dodge its attack. One being a frontal shockwave, the other is a simple claw attack. Be mindful that those players that have gained aggro on the BOSS, should be close to the BOSS at all times . If not, the BOSS will launch a mighty leap towards the other players.

Once all the smaller spiders have been cleared, just let the range classes do the job. Non-range classes can just rest one side. Spamming normal attacks on the BOSS, while moving around the BOSS to avoid its attack. Try to accumulate as many points as possible. It would be good if you can achieve near 60k and above points (for the range players). To be more assured, try achieving near 80k and above.

So, have fun getting SSS and a gold chest!
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  1. only by getting SSS, then i can get a gold chest from the bunny ?

  2. oh sorry.. i meant the gold bunny.. do i need to get the SSS for the gold bunny to come out ?

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